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When the radius of a car wheel is 49 cm what is circumference of the wheel? The circumference is 307.8760800517997 centimeters

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Q: What radius of a car wheel is 49cm what is circumference of the wheel?
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Why does a car speedometer have to be programmed with the circumference of the car's wheels?

The car wheel size has to be calibrated with the speedometer because the circumference of the wheel touches the ground: ergo a huge wheel like those found on heavy machinery can spin slower because with each revolution it covers... say 5-10 feet.

What is the circumference of the car steering wheel for a 1966 Park Lane Mercury Breezeway?

The circumference of the car steering wheel for a 1966 Park Lane Mercury Breezeway is not available online, however part number is C5ZZ-3600-N and costs $224.95 from Macs Auto parts.

Does the wheel to axle ratio help the mousetrap car?

Yes, it does. The bigger the circumference of the wheel, the more distance the car covers in one axle rotation. The ratio applies to all wheeled vehicles.

What is the velocity of a car if the wheel rotates 400 times a minute give your answer in meters per minute and kilometres per hour?

It is impossible to calculate this as we would need to know the radius of the car's wheel.

What is the tangential speed of a passenger car on a ferris wheel that has a radius of 10 meters and rotates once in 30 seconds?


How many revolutions will a car wheel of diameter 60 cm make as the car travels a distance of 5 km?

That the formular for the circumference of a circle (pii D)The answer should be 4.254

How does the size of the car's wheels affect the distance it will travel?

Circumference of a circle: 2*pi*radius or pi*diameter (pi=3.14159...) Traveled distance = number of revolutions * circumference of tire To increase the distance you can either increase the number of revolutions or the circumference of the tire. Ex: Tire diameter = 1 meter => circumference = 3.14159 * 1 = 3.14159 meters So if you drive from home to Wendy's and the wheel spins 1000 times totally it means that you've traveled a distance of: 3.14159 * 1000 = 3141.59 meters

How many times will a198 circumference wheel turn in 2km?

That depends on the size of the units in the circumference. We assume the circumference is 198 centimetres because that is what a typical car's wheel would be. 2 km = 2 000 metres = 200 000 centimetres 200 000 / 198 = 1010.1010 turns (just slightly more than 1000 times).

What is the length of a car park if it is measured using a trundle wheel with circumference of 126 cm and it rotates 77 times?

7 7 x 126 cm = 9,702 cm = 97.02 metersThis could have been a much more interesting problem if you had giventhe diameter of the wheel instead of its circumference.

What does bolt pattern mean on a car?

That would be the lug nut pattern of the wheels including the number of lug nuts on one wheel and the circumference of the pattern.

Does a 4x4 truck have better stability and maneuverability?

Your turning radius will not be as wide with a car that is 4x4. You will have better traction and control of the vehicle with 4 wheel drive.

What is driveshaft torque?

The rotational force supplied by a spinning shaft of steel (the drive shaft). If you look at the radius of the drive shaft which will be about two inches, and you look at how much power is supplied, you have what is called torque. It's how much power the lever arm, or radius of the drive shaft, can impart to the differential that controls the drive axle of the impelling wheel(s). The impelling wheel(s) are the wheel(s) that make the car go. They give the car traction.