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Well, if im honest! That has confused me and I am Einstein soo...

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Q: What r some of the positive and negative characteristics of driving in the early days cars versus modern cars and road conditions?
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What are some of the positive and negative characteristics of driving in the early days of cars versus modern cars and road conditions?

There wernt any roads back then, u were always shovelling away BUT at least everyone was idolizing you and whatever fartbox u were kicking...

What are the 2 driving forces of the universe?

Positive and negative

Does the 1980 el camino driving lights have positive and negative wires?

All electrical components have positive and negative wires to complete the circuit.

What shall you do when you find the value of driving force is negative?

The acceleration is in the direction of the positive force so you will have deceleration in the direction of the negative force.

Can a car driving backwards have a positive acceleration?

Yes, it just depends on how you define which way is "positive". If you define the "backwards" direction to be the positive direction, acceleration will be positive when going "backwards". Note that if we define the axes like this, going "forwards" will give the car a negative acceleration.

If a train is slowing down is it accelerating?

This depends on how you define your axes. Let's assume they're defined as normal (being positive is accelerating, negative is breaking, and for velocity positive is driving forward, negative is driving in reverse). Then of course, you are speeding up. This simply means the train was in reverse, but it's accelerating in the positive direction now.

How voltage become zero in centre point?

If you have an alternating current, which changes direction, and we graph the direction in terms of positive and negative, then at some point, as the current changes from positive to negative, and from negative to positive, it must pass through zero. If you imagine a car, driving forwards, that then changes direction and drives in reverse, there must be a point when it is not moving. Changes of direction, or voltage, are not instantaneous.

Will Tesla's autonomous driving work on Indian roads?

Since the road conditions, rules, signs and characteristics of the roads vary from country to country, self driving features will require their own implementation in each region. At some point it might work, but not from the start.

What are the driving conditions between Nashville Tennessee and Birmingham Alabama?

The driving conditions between Birmingham, Alabama and Nashville Tennessee are excellent. The driving distance is 191 miles via I-65. The driving conditions on I-65 are excellent.

When driving in adverse weather conditions what do i do?

When driving in adverse conditions, clean the snow off of your car before you begin driving. Defrost the front and back windshields.

What are the characteristics of texting while driving?


In what ways are driving conditions today are different from driving conditions in 1903?

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