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its either engine vibration,high rpm,black smoke!

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Q: What problems do a faulty mass air flow sensor cause?
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Can a bad or faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor be sensitive to car speed?

Yes, it can cause drive-ability problems at all speeds under all conditions.

What cause your car to run to rich?

could be numerous things, like a faulty oxygen sensor/a.k.a O2 sensor, a faulty mass air flow sensor. it all depends on what year make and model of vehicle we are talking about

What can cause low flow egr problem?

Carbon build up. Sticky or stuck EGR valve. Vacuum supply line damaged/leaking. Faulty EGR valve. Faulty EGR Position sensor/wiring.

What would cause a 1992 Mazda 929 to sputter and have no power when put into drive gear but idles fine?

You may have a faulty coil. Check mass air flow sensor

Will a mass air flow sensor cause a car to start an cut off?

A faulty o2 sensor / air mas meter will cause a car to run really bad. Shuddery and no power it could be your fault or Is your immobilizer cutting in? That could cause your fault Is your battery really low? Is the fuel out? Is there a light on the dash?

What will cause a 1997 mercury grand marquis gs starting problems?

mass air flow sensor, O2 sensors, bad fuel pump

Why does your '98 Buick Riveria stalls at iddle?

you may also check your mass air flow sensor one common cause is a faulty EGR valve. Check your computer diagnostics by using a code scanner.

Why does your 1998 Toyota Tacoma still run poorly after having mass air flow sensor replaced?

Because either that was not the cause of poor performance or you have multiple problems.

What will a bad mass air flow sensor cause?

What will a bad mass air flow sensor cause? Mass Air flow sensor regulates amount of air coming in to the amount of fuel being used. If this sensor is bad you would have either a overly rich or lean fuel condition. Check the fuel pump as mass air flow sensor has no moving parts and rarely goes out.

What are signs of a faulty mass air flow sensor in my 94 grand marquis?

Rough Start, Low power will feel like car is starving for fuel. Unplug the mass air flow sensor and start car it should go to default mode and if it runs fine you have a bad mass air flow sensor.

Will MAF sensor cause transmission to slip in Dodge Durango?

It does not have a MAF (mass air flow sensor)

What is a body sensor?

throttle body sensor is a sensor that regulates gas flow. if your car is running sluggish sometimes this can confused with transmission problems when in all actuality its the sensor