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The DVLA takes many different payment methods for car tax. The DVLA car tax can be paid by a bank transfer, cash or a credit card. A payment proof is required before application for car tax. For more information you can call DVLA directly at 0870 025 0121

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Q: What payment methods do the DVLA take for car tax?
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Can you sell your car with your personal number plate on it?

Yes but you have to tell DVLA

Can a repo man take your car?

if you are late 15 days on your payment they can take your car away.

How much to transfer a car title?

DVLA do not charge for change of title ownership.

Do you tell dvla about change of car engine?

You must inform the DVLA of a change of engine and provide them with the new engine serial number. A section of you v5 will be made for this purpose.

When were car tax discs first displayed?

1. January 1983 by DVLA Swansea

Can the dvla lift a car cover?

The DVLA (driving and vehicle licensing authority) is responsible for issuance of licenses to individuals in UK. However, you need to be more specific about which cover are you talking about and in which context.

Are you responsible for anything if you sell a car as it is?

No, In the UK, If you have contacted DVLA about selling the car then all the problems etc will not come back to you.

What is a car take over payment?

This is usually a situation where someone owes money on their car, but cannot make the payments or they want to get a different car. They will offer the car up to you in exchange for you taking over the car payment. Essentially, you just take over paying what they owe and you own the car.

What to do when you are 8 days behind of car payment?

they'll take your $, call them.

Can you find the owner of a car by the license plate of a car?

This information is usually accessible to the public via their national car authority service. In the UK, that would be the DVLA.

What if you have not made a payment for 4 months on your car and you can make future payments on the car can they still take your car?

Yes. Obviously!

If you got sued and lost can they take your car that is not paid for?

No because you are going to make a payment for that car already!