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The Wawanesa Car Insurance services California and Oregon in USA. The US operation is owned by the Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company of Canada. The company offers very competitive insurance rates.

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Q: What parts of the USA does Wawanesa Car Insurance service?
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Where can one purchase car insurance in Wawanesa?

There are many places where one can purchase car insurance in Wawanesa. One can purchase car insurance in Wawanesa at popular places such as Progressive and American Family.

What are some car insurance agencies that are local to San Diego?

Wawanesa Auto Insurance is a car insurance agency serving just the San Diego area. They are the cheapest in the area and provide good service as well.

How can you find out more information about car insurance costs from Wawanesa?

A simple way to to find out more about Wawanesa car insurance costs would be to get in contact with the company. A call to the company would be the most efficient and interactive, however there are free quote websites online that can be used with rough accuracy.

Which companies offer safe car insurance?

Many insurance providers offer safe car insurance. These companies include TD Financial, Bel-Air Direct, PC Insurance, All State, Kanetix, Wawanesa and Safe Auto.

Where can one get car insurance for a 17 year old?

Depending on where you live, most insurance companies offer car insurance for people of all ages from the time they are legally able to drive, until the time they are too old to drive. Some examples of insurance companies are Jevco and Wawanesa.

What are some top car insurance companies?

There are many auto insurance companies to choose from. J.D. Power and Associates rated the following insurance companies the top five in satisfaction for 2012. Wawanesa, 21st Century, AAA NCNU Insurance, Allstate and Ameriprise.

Where can one obtain car insurance quotes?

One can obtain car insurance quotes online on various websites. One can also get a car insurance quote at their car insurance providers office. Many companies offer the service.

What is direct line car insurance?

Direct Line is the name of a car insurance agency. They deal with car insurance and their approach is to be simple and provide their customer with the best service at a reasonable rate.

How can I get swift car insurance?

In order to get Swift car insurance, you have to apply at their site. They have no actual office and no Customer Service Representatives for you speak to. This is one of the reasons they have the cheapest insurance out there.

Which Arizona car company insurance has the best customer service?

Progressive is renowed for their customer service.

Where can I get a car insurance quote in Ohio?

I know a company called GMAC. I have car insurance with them. They are so reasonable and I'm very pleased with their service.

Does Sainsbury's Car Insurance have a 24 hour customer service?

"I have never heard of Sainsbury's Car Insurance, so I looked it up. When I did, I didn't find anything that stated there was 24 hour customer service."