What part of a car is like the ribosomes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ribosomes are like the steering wheel and the gas pedal. Ribosomes is the control between the nucleus and the cell. The gas pedal and the steering wheel is the control between the driver and the car.

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Q: What part of a car is like the ribosomes?
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What part of the city is related to the ribosomes?

The engineers are like the ribosomes, because they fix the town.

Ribosome compared to part in a car.?

Ribosomes can be compared to a steering wheel, pedal, lever or the transmission, because Ribosomes are the controls between the driver (nucleus) and the car.

What are sand paper like dotted with ribosomes concerned with protein synthesis?

The ribosomes attach to the endoplasmic reticulum where protein is then made using part of mRNA inside the ribosomes, the ribosomes then assemble the amino acids.

What cell part is a Small grain like body made primarily of RNA?

Ribosome. It is the place where proteins are made.

What part of the human body are like ribosomes?

its calcium is like ribosomes because it builds protein into the bones and body

Small two-part structures in a cell that make proteins?


What part of the cell is responsible for making proteins?

There is no specific part of the cell, other than in the ribosome. The ribosome is the part that makes the protein at the end of the process known as protein synthesis. Ribosomes are actually proteins themselves, and are called rRNA, or ribosomal RNA.

What part of the cell are proteins made from?

Proteins are translated from mRNA in ribosomes. They can either be free-floating ribosomes in the cytosol, or attached ribosomes on the rough ER.

Ribosomes are not found in this part of the neuron?

Ribosomes will never be found within the nucleus. Ribosomes can be found floating freely in the cytoplasm and on the endoplasmic reticulum.

What does a Ribosomes look like in a plant cell?

Ribosomes look like granes of sand

What part of a cell assembles proteins at organelles?

Proteins are assembled in ribosomes

In what part of cells are proteins made?

Ribosomes are where proteins are made. They are like the factories where the RNA is= to have information on how to make the protein.