What noise does a fire engine make?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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whether its weo weo weo weo

or weeou weeou weeou weeou

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Q: What noise does a fire engine make?
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Would your engine choke and make noise if the injector is bad?

Engine choke and make noise if the Engine Oil is low. of if you got bad gas...

What in a automobile engine serves no purpose but without it the engine does not work?

Noise. Without noise, it can't work. Noise is in an engine, and without it does not work. Every engine has to make some kind of noise, internal or external, inside or outside the engine.

What noise does a fire make when it is burning?

Snapping noises

What does the knock sensor make the engine do?

It retards / slows the engine timing up when it detects an engine knock / pining noise like bad fuel are valve noise.

What causes a clutch to make noise?

when the engine weres down

Why does your 1994 infiniti G20 engine make noise?

It doesn't make noise its mint. and its a 96 so get your facts straight son

Why does my engine make a loud groaning noise when it warms up?

You have to locate the source of the noise then repost your findings.

What is 2000 Malibu engine noise?

if your talking about a v6 noise on start up. most all 3.1 make this noise until engine gets warm. if the noise does not go away when warmed up. better check it out !

95 Mazda millenia have fire no fuel to engine?

check fuel pump for power and pressure. if you turn the key to on positionand listen for pump to make noise as soon as key is turned

What happens if gene p53 is suppressed?

When you fire it the bullet will make less noise.

What noise does hydrogen gas make when it is tested?

pop sound when it contact with fire

What will make 1990 Chevy Corsica to run quieter?

If you are speaking of exhaust noise, repair your exhaust leaks. If you are speaking of engine noise, and it is loud enough that it bothers you, or sounds unnatural, the engine may be damaged internally. An inspection by a mechanic will tell you if your engine is making more noise than it should. regular maintenance such as a tune up and oil change will make your engine run smoother and will reduce noise.