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The wheel bearing.

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Q: What makes your car squeak every time you drive it?
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What causes a squeak from tires when going round a corner?

I think it is because when you brake and turn at the same time it makes friction and that's what makes the tires squeak.

Why does your 1994 squeak and creak every time you turn the wheel or hit a bump?

Because it's a 1994.

What makes the pulleys squeak on 1996 Pontiac sunfire?

This is almost always caused by worn drive belts. Replace all the belts at the same time. If it has a serpentine belt, then replace it. Be sure and check the idler pulley to make sure the squeak is not coming from the idler pulley itself. Another possibility is a bad alternator, water pump, or power steering pump. Check them all.

Why is there an annoying noise coming from your wheel area every time you drive over bumps in the road?

Please ask this question again describing the noise (clunk/rattle/squeak/rub/rumble/groan/usw.) and type of vehicle (year/make/model/notcolor.)

Why when my truck has been parked overnight and I put into drive for the first time there is a sqeaking noise from under the truck?

A thin film of rust/corrosion devolops on the brake rotors when the truck sits overnite. This causes minor squeak the first time the brakes are applied when shifting into drive.

What is Minimum thickness for front brake pads 2002 Camry?

The brake pads have a small metal piece which makes he brake squeak. This means it's time to change your brakes. The longer you let it squeak, the more damage it does to you rotor. Still the rotor can be resurfaced or if needed replaced.

When must you have proof of financial responsibility?

Every time you drive

What would make 90 Honda accord squeak every time you hit a bump?

My mechanic says it's the ball joints. The rubber gets old and hard and it begins to squeak like an old mattress. He also said it will go away when it is hotter outside, and come back when it is colder.

My brakes squeak when wet. Does that mean that I need to seek brake repair service?

(Harmony2k3) If you have the following issues then I would have them checked: (do they squeak every time they are wet? do they squeak at all when they are dry? when you push your brake pedal is it spongy and go to the floor? do you have to pump your brakes? has it been more than a year since you've had brake service?) If you said yes to any or all of those questions then I would have them looked at.

Every time you drive out their you miss the last turn because its hidden behind those trees?

Every time I drive out there, I miss the last turn because it's hidden behind those trees

How do you sound like the chippettes?

You sort of have to squeak at the same time of talk

Ford Taurus every time you turning your wheel to left or right it squeak?

Try checking the power steering fluid. My taurus did the same thing until i filled the power steering fluid.