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We need MUCH more information. First at least the car and engine type. Second, how well you or anyone cares for it, or even looks at the engine.

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Q: What make a car shut down when going 70 mph?
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What car alarm can also shut down the car?

The GSM car alarm will also shut your car down if you tell it too and if you know when it needs to be shut down. The Viper Car Alarm company has a wide variety of car alarms that also shut down the car. These are also called car immobilisers. They come in a range of prices that will meet your needs. There are other companies who also make car immobilisers, however the Viper brand of immobilisers seems to consistently receive the best feedback.

What car alarm also shut the engine down?

Viper Car Alarms will also shut the engine down.

Why does your car act like its going to shut off when you come to a stop?

That is because when you brake, your body pushes forward and makes it feel that the car shut down. Your mind makes it feel that way.

Can a defective car alarm cause the car not to start?

Yes, some can actually shut down the computer and make your car unable to start.

What causes a stick shift car to shut off?

Hold down the clutch when sitting still or going too slow for that gear.

Can ford motor company shut down a car for late payments?

if by shut down you mean remotely disable the ignition, then no. they can however shut it down by issuing a reposession order.

What is a immobilizer used for in car?

The car could be shut down from a remote location.

Why would a car overheat and shut down?

It can be many things, but the fact that it overheated and then shut down would make me suspect a blown head gasket. That is assuming that you did not just keep drivng it after it became apparent it was hot.

Can a flu filter make your car to stop running waill going?

A clogged fuel filter can restrict or prevent fuel flow. This would starve the engine of fuel, and cause it to shut down due to lack of fuel.

Is taping your car door shut illegal?

Like with Duck tape?This is not illegal unless:You are going to drive the car and this is the only way it is held shut.

Can a CD player put in the car cause it to shut down?

I had one put into my car and it caused the battery to run down so I had to disconnect it. Someone didn't know what they were doing. To have it shut down immediatly is certainly possible.

What does the arrow on the dash board mean?

if your car is manual it means to shift up. if it's pointing left or right it means you have your turn signal on. if you're going down the road with that on, you might want to shut it off after you make your turn.