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Q: What maintenance technique determines the remaining life of proper operation of an item or component?
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Which mathematical operation should be used to determine the remaining distance?

[Total distance] minus(Distance travelled]

In Real Estate what is the Principle of Surplus Productivity?

A principle relating to the net income remaining after all expenses necessary to the operation. This remaining net income is imputable to the land and tends to fix the value of the property. As a result, the land is valuable according to the surplus productivity imputed to it. In the operation of an income-producing property, three levels of return are necessary, while the fourth (the land) can command only the residual income with no fixed or necessary rate of return. Under general economic theory, the four levels are factors in production and must be satisfied in order of labour, coordination, capital and land. Surplus attributable to land largely determines its value.

How do you check remaining balance of idea 3G net setter?

goto more option select operation in that select ussd and check the balance

What is billroth i anastomosis?

An operation where a portion of the lower stomach (pylorus) is removed. The remaining portion of the stomach is then connected to the duodenum (first part of the small intestine).

Which of these is the highest quality connection from a camcorder to a TV?

At first I jumped on HDMI, but then realized that so far there is no Camcorder to HDMI cable available. So I think the next best thing out of the remaining Composite, VGA, and Component would be Component (according to a few other sites).

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The remaining Team Dim Sun members turn into Team Deboncairs. They are revealed in the extra mission "Liberate The Tower!"

Earths atmosphere is made up of 78 percent nitrogen and?

20% oxygen. Argon is the largest remaining component (less than 1%). The remainder is trace gases as well as particulates.

Why the air doesntthe air blow out cool air in a 2002 Cadillac deville?

There is a long list of possible reasons why this is. Air conditioning systems are broken down into seven conditions of operation, with condition one being normal operation, and the remaining conditions being causes of insufficient cooling. You could have low refrigerant, too much refrigerant, clogging in the system somewhere, a damaged component, or a whole slew of other possible reasons. You would need to go to a service center, and have the technicians do a system performance test and follow-up diagnosis.

What does the verb continuing mean?

The verb continuing is the present particle of the verb, continue. It refers to someone or something that is remaining in an existence or operation, also it could mean to be persisting in an activity or process.

What are the documentaion requirements when maintenance is stopped or a change over of a maintenance technician occurs prior to a job completion?

document and sign off TO steps completed, create subsequent entry in afto forms from remaining a TO steps, keep original discrepancy and JCN open until all maintenace actions have been C/W

Is the Lexmark inkjet a dependable product for the price?

As of 2012 Lexmark announced it will no longer make inkjet printers. The remaining stock and inventory will be sold out and maintenance, service, and support offered only until the end of 2015.

Why is another procedure sometimes necessary following a parathyroidectomy?

If this occurs, the hyperparathyroidism may not be corrected with one operation, and a second procedure may be required to find all of the patient's remaining parathyroid gland tissue.