What license is require for Semi truck repo?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Class B CDL if you're only repossessing the power unit, Class A CDL if you'll be repossessing entire combinations or repossessing them with a wrecker.

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Q: What license is require for Semi truck repo?
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What makes repo trucks different from other vehicles?

Repo trucks are essentially the same as a tow truck or flatbed tow truck. They are used to repossess vehicles for non-payment. They have a larger engine, reinforced frames and hydraulic lifts that are needed to tow another vehicle. Repo trucks, depending on the size and tonnage, may require a commercial drivers license to operate.

KY require you to have a repo license?

There are only 5 states that require an agent to be be licensed. Look at the link on the right.

What states require repo license?

Texas, Florida, New Jersey, California and Illnois.

What type of license are required in Georgia to run a repo tow truck?

Whatever the GVW of the vehicle requires.

How do you get a repo license in Florida?

how do i get a a repo license in Florida

Can a repo man repo your truck behind your gate?

Yes. If he has a repo order, it is no longer YOUR truck.

How do you become certified for auto repo in ny?

As a nyc repo man myself there really aren't any certificates for repo agents, If you use a tow truck then you need a cdl lic. If you are just an investigator no other license other than a NYS Drivers license is needed

How do get a repo agent job to repo vehicles?

How do i get a repo agent license in Illinois

How much do you get to repo a semi truck?

This is based on where the repo is done (what State and Country) What the contract between the towing operator, bailif and lender as well as the law in the Jurisdiction the repo takes place. Then how many miles, where the semi is stored and how long. Also how difficult was the repo? Was the unit surrendered to the lender? or did the lender have to sneak out with tow truck and repo it the hard way? A tractor that is surrendered at the lenders storage facility may only cost $1000 If they had to track down the unit and repo it the hard way $3000 to $5000 is common. And no it isn't $5000 for driving it away. That includes bailiff fees towing skip tracing auction costs etc.

Due you need a license to repo cars?

In some states but not all. Each state has its own requirements. Some require a license to repo. Some require a collections license. Some prohibit previously convicted felons from obtaining licensure or certificates to do repossessions. Some reuire only insurance. Contact your states licensing bureau for details in your individual state or the states in which you hope to work.

Can repo man repo your truck with you in it?

Probably not. He'd probably ask you to get out of the car.

To start a repo company do have to have license in North Carolina?

how do you get a repo licence in North Carolina