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They sell a special black bumper paint at Pep boys-if it's the black plastic type either that or a brand that forms molecular bond like Krylon for plastic

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2014-08-28 21:36:58
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Q: What kind of paint is best to paint car bumpers?
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How many Liters of paint to paint a car?

This depends on how large the car or truck is and what kind of paint you will use. It also depends on your skill. Most cars will average 3 to 4 liters of paint but if you are good, you can get away with 2.

What sites provide a large selection of replacement bumpers for a car?

There are multiple sites that have replacement bumpers for vehicles of all types for sale. The most prominent are Car Parts Wholesale, Auto Parts Warehouse, and Westin Automotive.

What kind of paint should you use on a pinewood derby race car?

Actually any kind of paint can be used on a Pinewood Derby car, as long as you take the time to let it dry properly. Now some paints do not stick directly to wood very well or soak into the wood requiring several coats. In this case you need to paint the car with a primer paint first, then paint the car with the paint of your choosing. Also when wanting to put a glossy shine to your car, you need to be very careful of the sealer you use over the paint. Not all sealers and paints are compatible, and I've seen sealers ruin very good paint jobs in the past. The best method for all paints is to test them on a piece of scrap wood first to make sure they are going to produce the desired look. If they look good on the scrap wood, then they will most likely look good on your Pinewood Derby car.

Why are bumpers installed on most automobiles?

Bumpers are installed on automobiles as a safety feature. They are actually used more to protect pedestrians that may be hit, rather than occupants of a car in a collision, although they are also of some us in protecting the car's safety systems.

Where can someone get paint jobs for a car?

There are many places where one can get paint jobs for a car. One can get paint jobs for a car at popular places such as One Day Paint and the company Maaco.

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What kind of paint do you use to paint a car rim?

regular paint.

What kind of paint should you use to paint decorations on your car?

Automotive paint.

What color should you paint your car?

Paint your car what best describes your personality

What is the best aerosol car spray paint lacquer?

Its not car paint, but Montana spray paint is definitely the best paint in a spray can. I dont think you will find actual car paint in an aerosol can, but I could be wrong.

Can you recycle car bumpers?


What kind paint used for golf car?

Most likely auto enamel paint.

Why do bumpers need to absorb more force on today's car?

Yes. Originally, bumpers were merely designed to protect the vehicle from damage. Today, bumpers are designed as part of the shock absorbing system of a car.

How are bumpers good in a car crash?

is absorbs the shock of the car hitting your car

Where does one find images of car bumpers?

Images of car bumpers are available online through various car manufacture sites such as the car you are looking for. Zoom in and crop if necessary for bumper views.

Why plastic bumpers are used in the vehicle and when did it start in assembling a car?

they are not bumpers they are merely covers for the bumper system behind them

Can other car bumpers be used for Nissan bumpers?

Well I guess with major modifications, you could but, they won't fit.

How do you place bumper stickers on a car?

Well, it used to be on older cars that you put them on the bumpers at the back of the car, hence the name, but nowadays you don't have those kind of bumpers anymore so its acceptable to place them anywhere on the rear of the vehicle (not covering any important lights of course)

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