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Two stroke Oil. Penzoil makes a good one

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2008-01-25 23:17:48
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Q: What kind of oil does a 2 stroke di rt bike use?
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Can you use 10w-40 car oil in a 4 stroke dirt bike?

I wouldn't. Will damage engine life

What kind of oil do you use for your 2005 Yukon XL?


Best oil for a 2 stroke?

The best 2-stroke oil is merely a matter of oppinion, but as a former motocross and arenacross racer and cycle enthusiast i have had terrific luck with many brands including spectro, castor 941, klotz, and even some factory brand oils such as yamalube 2R; however the truth of the matter is that the brand of oil recommended by the manufacturer for whatever engine you have is most likely the best, and is almost always the oil that engine was ment for, also once you use one brand it is important that you avoid frequently switching back and forth between different brands of 2 stroke oils because each brand has slightly different properties and could cause a slightly lean or slightly rich condition resulting in possible engine damage, so what is the best for your 2 stroke engine? most likely this is going to depend on who you ask, what brand of machine they use, and if they are using something other than what is manufacturer recommended i am sure they will tell you to use whatever they feel has given them the best results by means of performance, engine life, etc. my personal preference is always manufacturer specifics unless you have an extremely modified engine, then you may have to test the waters for yourself. final answer: i have mainly always ran Yamaha 2-stroke such as the banshee ATV, yz125 dirt bike, and as a child a R/T 100 dirt bike and Yamaha's factory brand oil called Yamalube 2R has never failed me. hope this helps, and remember, if the manufacturer makes a brand specific 2 stroke oil it will probably give the best results for that machine, also make sure to mix the oil and gas ratio as close as possible to what you as supposed to, most performance engines such as those on racing dirtbikes and ATV's run around 32:1 meaning 1 ounce of oil to 32 ounces of gas, easier to remember as about 4 ounces of oil per gallon of gasoline. Hope you find this helpful...


15W-30 or 15W-40 diesel oil is generally used as an all-around engine oil. Specific oil for diesel engines must be used. Any 2009 or newer engine (in the US) must use API-CJ4 low ash diesel oil.

What kind of oil do use for a 2007 dodge durango 8 cylinder?

Use exactly the weight of oil Dodge recommends. Any major brand is fine. More than likely it is SAE 5w-20. Look in your owners manual and on the oil fill cap for the correct weight.

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What kind of oil do you put in a 2 stroke dirt bike?

Best to use two stroke oil. Mix it with the petrol, (I guess you know this)

What kind of oil do you use in your 2000 Honda xr80r dirt bike?

one quart of 10 w 30 four stroke motorcycle oil.

If a transmission oil says for 2 strokes Can you use 2 stroke transmission oil in a 4 stroke bike?


Can you use 2 cycle oil in a 4 stroke dirt bike?


What kind of gas and oil would you use for an 03 ktm 50 junior dirt bike?

Supreme (or the highest grade) gas and (automotive) synthetic 5w 30 oil if you can't get to a bike shop. It's best to use ktm oil though. And if you're referring to two stroke oil, you can use basically any two stroke oil concentrate but again is best to use ktm oil

What oil do i use in a Chinese 4 stroke 150cc dirt bike?


What kind of gas do i put in my dirt bike?

well that depends if you have a two stroke or four. if yours is a four stroke, use straight gas. if its a two stroke use a gas+oil mix. you should know the mixing ratio. lots are 40:1 but it could also be 32:1 depending on the bike.

What oil goes in a 80cc 4 stroke dirt bike?

Depends on the manufacturer as to what type and weight oil to use.

What kind of oil do you use to mix with gas?

special 2-stroke oil.

How much oil goes into a Yamaha yz80 dirt bike and what type of oil?

a half of quart 2 stroke .....2 stroke oil mixes with the gas only!!! use automatic transmission fluid type f for your gear oil..DO NOT USE 2 STROKE OIL FOR GEAR OIL!!!!

What kind of motor oil is used in the 1982 Yamaha 250 XT four stroke dirt bike?

The motor oil to use in a 1982 Yamaha 250 XT 4-stroke dirt bike is a 10-30 or 10-40 weight oil. Castrol GTX Motor Oil that is of this weight is the best oil to use in off road bikes, because it is a cleaner oil. It will not gum up the works of smaller engines like regular motor oil.

What oil does a pit bike take?

4 stroke oil but u don't have 2 put any in if you use unleaded petrol

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