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Whether or not an auto insurance discount is available to customers on the basis of driving record is variable depending on the particular insurance company. However, for one to realistically expect to merit such a discount, a record with no points is necessary.

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Q: What kind of driving record is needed in order to qualify for a discount on auto insurance?
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"Discount travel insurance is certainly not required for taking a vacation. Some travelers do, however, find piece of mind knowing that they have additional protection against the unexpected."

Which car insurance is needed for driving a cab in New York?

Standard automotive insurance is required for driving a cab in New York City. The driver must also have public hire insurance and have a medallion which can be very costly.

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Can my insurance rates go down if I take lessons from an accredited driving school?

All accredited driving schools abide by a curriculum and provide all of the needed materials to participate in a class, while also causing the insurance rates to go down,

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Actuaries are people who deal with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty, are often employed by insurance companies. In the United States, one must pass a series of five preliminary exams to qualify for the Society of Actuaries.

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The driver's insurance will take the lead, if something extra is needed, the person who owns the car's insurance will be secondary. Both will be involved to some extent.

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An insurance contract is needed to specify the exact terms of the insurance.

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"Most are simple requirements in order to get content insurance, either rent or own a home, make a list or have the insurance agent come and take//write down the things that you want to insure, pay the premium every year ."

Should you renew your mother's car insurance after she dies?

Since she is deceased, she is no longer driving, so no insurance is needed. You could cancel and possibly get a pro-rated refund. If you were on her policy, you will need to obtain your own.

What is needed to qualify for a loan?

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What information is needed to get a SR22 quote?

If you wish to insure your car with SR22 insurance, you will need to provide the details of your automobile and your driving history. If you have previously had an accident, this will be scrutinized.

Is tesco car insurance cheaper than average insurance providers?

Tesco car insurance is needed to provide for coverage when you are driving in foreign countries. While it may not be cheaper than what you pay at home, it is well worth the cost if you are in any kind of accident when you are out of your legal residence area. Also, if you have a good driving record you may receive discounts of up to 70%.