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Space cushion

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Q: What kind of cushion is the area around your car?
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What is the space all around your car called?

Space cushion

What does cushion of safety mean?

It is your following distance. You should be able to stop within the distance of you and the car in front of you. However if you should have a vehicle that is following you real close, you should give yourself a larger area of cushion.

How do you take out the backseat of a Mazda RX8?

Start with the bottom seat cushion of the rear seat Lift the front of the cushion, it will pop free. Once the front of the cushion is free, slide the cushion forward and remove it from the car. After the bottom cushion is removed, you can remove the two 12mm bolts securing the backrest. After removing the two 12mm bolts, slide the backrest up to unlock it and remove it from the car.

Why is foam used in car seats?

to make a nice cushion

Where can you get a cushion suitable for use in the car?

You can find a cushion suitable for use in the car on websites like Amazon, EC21, or eBay. They can also be found at stores like Macy's, Brookstone, and Sharper Image.

Why does your car need oil?

To provide a cushion and cooling between metal parts.

Can anyone tell me where to find info on memory foam car seat cushion?

Memory foam car seat cushion information can be obtained from a medical website such as or These cushions are used to ease back pain and tension.

What kind of car does Lady Gaga drives?

i think Lady Gaga does not have a car she has a driver drive her around

What kind of car does john goodman own?

around 200 pounds

what gas properties cushion the force of impact during a car accident?

Gases are compressible (;

Remove rear seat from 2005 mustang?

* Working at the front of each seat cushion push the retaining tabs in then lift up on the front edge of the cushion and release the seat cushion retaining tabs. Remove the cushion from cushion from the vehicle * Detach the retaining bolts at the lower edge of the seat back * Lift up on the lower edge of the seat back and remove it from the car

When passing another car make sure you maintain at least how many seconds cushion?