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Jazz in the movie was a silvery gray Hardtop Pontiac Solstice GXP. However, the original Jazz from G1 was a white Honda race car with green and blue stripes.

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Q: What kind of car is jazz from transformers?
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When was Jazz - Transformers - created?

Jazz - Transformers - was created in 1984.

Is Jazz back in Transformers 2?

No, Jazz was not seen in Transformers 2.

Is jazz stronger in transformers 2?

I don't know-But I Only Knew That Jazz Returns In Transformers Revenge of The Fallen sorry but jazz died in the first movie, and he dose not come back in the second. your probably thinking of the other silver car Sideswipe.

In Transformer what type of car is Megatron?

A silver/gray customized hardtop Pontiac Solstice GXP (if the Jazz you mean is from the Transformer movie) The original Jazz (From G1) was a white race car with blue and green stripes. Honda

What kind of car is cliffjumper from transformers prime?

Mustang like car

How is Jazz coming back in Transformers 3?

jazz is coming back to life because people been wanting him back and the michal bay wantit him back to *Sadly our dear friend Jazz hath not returned in Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon. But there is another Autobot that may be confused with Jazz. Sideswipe is the same silver color, as Jazz, and a sports car, also like Jazz. As far as I am aware Jazz will not be in any new Transformers movies, if there are even any new movies.*

What kind of car is sunstreaker in Transformers?

Dodge Viper

In transformers what kind of a car is bumblebee?

a Chevrolet camaro

Does jazz die in transformers 2?

No, because he is not in transformers 2!!

What kind of police car was in transformers?

The side that the police car in Transformers is on is the decipticons.

What kind of car does Ratchet from transformers prime turn into?

an ambulance

What kind of car is sideways in transformers?

he's an Audi r8