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Q: What kind of car is Cindy Williams driving in American Graffiti?
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Is James Franco in the movie American Graffiti?

No, James Franco was born in 1978. "American Graffitti" was released in 1973.

What is Cindy Williams's birthday?

Cindy Williams was born on August 22, 1947.

When was Cindy Williams born?

Cindy Williams was born on August 22, 1947.

22 Who played Shirley on the Laverne and Shirley tv citcom?

Cindy Williams

Is Cindy Williams related to Robin Williams?


What is Cindy Williams net worth?


What was Cindy beale's maiden name in eastenders?

Cindy Beale's maiden name in Eastenders was Williams.

Who played in Shirley?

shirley was played by Cindy Williams

Who starred on American graffiti?

Check out: * * Richard Dreyfuss * Ron Howard * Paul Le Mat * Charles Martin Smith * Cindy Williams * Candy Clark * Mackenzie Phillips * Wolfman Jack * Bo Hopkins * Manuel Padilla Jr. * Beau Gentry * Harrison Ford * Jim Bohan * Jana Bellan * Deby Celiz

Who is the actress in the commercial with the singing bird and dog?

Cindy Williams

How old is singer Cindy mizelle?

Cindy Williams is 69 years old (birthdate: August 22, 1947).

Did Cindy Williams play a role on Law and Order?

Yes, she did. Cindy Williams appeared in the Law and Order SVU episode 'Sick' (season 5, episode 19, 2004) as the character Nora Hodges.