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I sure it is Shelby GT 500 (except sift head 1 (maybe)).

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1967 ford mustang GT 500 shelby cobra eleanor

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Q: What kind of car does Vinnie drive in sift heads 1 2 3 4 and 5?
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In sift heads how did how did kiro join vinnie's gang?

in sift heads 5 vinnie kills kiro's brother in the beginning of sift renegade 2 vinnie talks with kiro and vinnie goes away. Then At the end kiro is talking with a guy with a gun and the guy with the gun trys to kill him vinnie is on top of a building and snipes the guy with the gun. Then at the end vinnie offers kiro into his gang. first play (sift heads 5 then sift renegade 2)

Who is vinnie in sift heads?

the gang captian and the hero

How do you get Mr Vinnie wife naked in sift heads five?

That girl is not vinnie's wife! Its shorty!

How does vinnie meet shorty in sift heads?

Vinnie met Shorty at a beach and both fell in love with each other. Vinnie always love how Shorty is a shooting pro and always know what to do for fun. On Sift Heads 4 when Vinnie got bored since there would be less crimes in Chicago, Shorty decided that he should go on vacation. Vinnie also got help from Shorty since he could not sift heads alone. Vinnie also cares alot for Shorty since had to rescue her from Kiro and to give her rest when she is shot during Sift Heads World Act 7.

What does shorty do for medication in sift heads 5?

Bangs Vinnie super hard

Vinnie born 1976 Are you sure 50 or 60 years old?

but vinnie real 30 years old from sift heads

What is Vinnie Sift girlfriend name?

Shorty sift is girlfriend of Vinnie.

What are cheats for sift heads remasterized?

TONY : Skip Level VINNIE : Invicible MORRELI : Full Ammo

What are the main characters in sift heads 7?


What are some cheats for sift heads 1?

mafioso: Unlimited Health (this next one i guessed + it was rite ;) vinnie: unlimited ammo

How old is vinnie from sift heads?

I'm honestly not sure but I would hazard a guess that he is around 50 or 60 years old... Cool, huh? Hes in his mid 40s He is in his 30s --According to Sift Heads 0, Vinnie is birth year is 1976.. so I'm guessing he's 36 years old, from 1976 up to 2012.

What is the password for Sift heads last level?

well it depends on what sift heads it is (for exampled) sift heads 1 sift heads world act 5 or something like that