What kind of car does Ralph Nader drive?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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RALPH NADER does not drive!!!!!

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Q: What kind of car does Ralph Nader drive?
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What kind of car does Ralph drive?

RALPH NADER does not drive!!!!!

What company did Ralph Nader sue?

He criticized the car manufacturing companies but did not sue them

What car prompted Ralph Nader to write his book unsafe at any speed?

chevrolet corvair

What is a covair?

The Corvair was the only American made automobile with an air-cooled rear engine. It was manufactured from 1960-1969 and was heavily criticized by Ralph Nader in his book Unsafe at Any Speed.An air cooled, rear engine car that Chevrolet produced in the early 60's that Ralph Nader put an end to. When I see a "Smart Car"on the road these days, I wonder where is Ralph Nader now?

What kind of car does Ralph Lauren drive in the Downton Abbey commercial?

Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

What book did Ralph nader write in 1966?

You may be thinking of his 1965 work, Unsafe at Any Speed, which addressed car safety concerns.

What were Corvairs?

A Chevrolet car produced in the 60's that had a rear air cooled engine. Ralph Nader became famous for having it removed from the market as being dangerous.

What kind of car does Theo drive?

Theo Epstein does not drive.

What kind of car do you drive/What kind of cars do your parents/older siblings drive?

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What are facts about the 1960 Chevy Corvair?

It was a rear engine car It was air cooled It had a over-steer problem (so they say) 1969 was the last year they were produced Ralph Nader shut them down

What kind of car did katt Williams drive in Friday After Next?


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Any kind he or she likes. No one car is considered a thinkers car.