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you need a duel channel amp or a mono i have a mono cause they are less expensive and you just bridge the wires. Check the RMS power of the subs. 'Max power' and 'peak power' are meaningless. You'll want the the amplifiers RMS output to match that of the subs. Buying a 1000 wat amp for 150 wat subs is a waste of money, and subs, since they'll wear out fast if overloaded. To bridge the amp, you'll hook up the subs normally but the ends where it connects to the amp bind the positive to positive and negative to negative making 2 connecting wires. Check the amps info booklet for how to connect it as it varies and to make sure the amp is bridgeable. Most are, but be sure first. While you're at it, do your self a favor and buy quality components. Cheap is cheap for a reason. As an extra, make sure to have a proper cross-over in place. 80htz is a good cutoff, with a 12 db per octave step minimum, 24 preferable and digital the best. Full stereo through subs sounds horrible.

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Q: What kind of amplifier do you need for 2 subwoofers?
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If you have a sub woofer do you need an amplifier?

There are two types of subwoofers. 1. Active subwoofers 2. Passive subwoofers An active subwoofer will have a built-in amplifier. A passive subwoofer doesn't have a built-in amplifier which will require the use of an amplifier, the use of a power source.

How many subwoofers can you connect to a 1-Channel Mono Amplifier?


How do you wire 2 subwoofers to a mono amplifier?

You can find that answer at under support

What jl amplifier would i need to support 2 jl 10W0v3 subwoofers i have a 500 1 is that too big?

no such thing as 'too big' for amps; 500W for 2 10" subs is a bit light.

What kind of amp do you need if you have 2 12 inch subwoofers that have an rms rating of 250 watts each?

To power your speakers, and to ensure that your amp has enough power to power your subwoofers, you would need at least an amp of 750 watts true power.

What is the purpose of an audio amplifier in a car?

pretty much A to provide more power to speakers if it is a 2 channel or 4 channel or B provide power to one or more subwoofers kind of general question if you are more specific i can refine my answer more

Is a 900 watt mono amplifier enough power to push 2 10 subwoofers?

yeah it is i had 2 12s and 2 10s hooked up to a 900 watt amp and it hit hard

If you have two 300 watt subwoofers for your vehicle then what size amp do you need?

To power two 300 watt subwoofers, you will need an amplifier with a maximum power output of at least 600 watts. It is recommended to choose an amplifier with a slightly higher wattage rating to ensure that the subwoofers receive enough power for optimal performance.

I have two 1200 watt subwoofers for my car Do you need an amp and if so what size Will they affect your battery much?

First you will absolutely need an amp to power any subwoofers. Nowadays subwoofers come along with amp..& normally one 1200watt subwoofer decrease your car battery lifetime to 2-4 month

Would running two 4 Ohm dual voice coil subwoofers add to 16 Ohms?

There are many different ways that you could wire two dual voice coil subwoofers. Depending on how you connect the voice coils, you could have 1ohm (all coils in parallel), 4ohms (parallel-series combination). Technically you could wire them for 16ohms (all in series), but this isn't done in practice because an amplifier won't provide much power to a 16ohm load. You should wire the subwoofers to make an impedance (which is the 'ohms') which will match your amplifier. Not all amplifiers can handle 1ohm, so you may need to wire the subwoofers for 4ohms. Be sure to do some research on this before wiring anything up or you could damage your amplifier. For some helpful wiring diagrams, check out the Fosgate Wiring Wizard:

Can a punch75hd push 2 15 inch subwoofers?

Yes, that is correct a punch75hd can push 2 15 inch subwoofers

How do subwoofers work?

Subwoofers are loud speakers used for the purpose of reproducing low frequencies (10Hz - 150Hz). They use large magnets to move a firm cone in order to produce the frequencies. A current is passed through the magnet causing the cone to move producing bass. Subwoofers in cars and in home theatre systems use amplifiers to boost electrical power to provide large amounts of the deep notes. I have 2 15" Kicker CVR subwoofers, custom box, 1200W RMS Audison Amplifier. Hope that helps