What kind of SUV are 7 passengers?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Many Japanese cars are 7/8 seater SUV's like Honda Odyssey, Stream, Toyota Estima, Wish, Prado.

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Q: What kind of SUV are 7 passengers?
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What is the best Ford Suv for a family with three children?

The Ford Explorer is an SUV built with medium to larger families in mind. It can hold up to 7 passengers and is built tough to handle all the adventures of active children.

What SUV or Mini vans hold 6 or 7 passengers?

i am looking for a sto & go van i am taking my granddaughter to wvu in morgantown comeing friday but cant aford a pricie van

What is the best 7 passenger SUV on the market?

The Audi Q7 is a great choice , Link below for more 7 passenger SUV

Where can one purchase an 8 passenger SUV?

The SUV's that can seat eight passengers include the Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe, the Honda Pilot, the Lexus LX, and the Toyota Traverse. They can be purchased at the auto dealership.

Purchase a 7-Passenger SUV?

form_title=Purchase a 7-Passenger SUV form_header=If you have a large family or go on a lot of road trips, a big SUV is a must. How many days a week do you use the 7 passenger SUV?=_ What features are you looking for?=_ Would you like a new or used vehicle?= () New () Used

Are there both small and midsize Mazda SUV's?

"There are both small and midsized Mazda SUV's. In 2011, Mazda has 3 SUV's in their car line. The Tribute is the largest SUV, with the CX-7 and CX-9 being more of a midsized SUV."

What kind of car does Paula Deen have?

Mercedes and Lexus SUV

Lincoln Aviator weight?

A 2005 AWD Lincoln Aviator 4 door SUV curb weight (no passengers or cargo) is 4,975 lbs.

How many passengers can a 2009 Suburban sit?

Should be 7 or 8 passengers.

How many passengers can fit in a Ford Escape?

The Ford Escape will hold 5 passengers. Two will be able to sit in the front, and then three in the back bench seat. Because it is a smaller SUV, there is no third-row seating in the Escape.

What are the features of a Mitsubishi Montero Sport SUV?

With a strong engine, a multi-point injection system that reduce fuel consumption, strong breaks and a great interior this SUV gives passengers the safety they are looking for. A car for family and for all roads.

What SUV can seat 7 passangers?

check BMW or Dodge