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It means that you are most likely trying to put the wrong key in the ignition.

A slang phrase for male impotence.

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Q: What it means when your car key don't want to go in the ignition?
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What is ignition disable?

A disabled ignition means a car or lawnmower will not start. There will need to be repairs made to enable the ignition to work.

Is it true that you can take the passenger car door lock and make a key for the ignition?

i dont care but i think you can

If you leave your car at a tow lot will you have to pay if you dont want the car anymore?

yes because it specifically said car tow meaning that you pay for the car even if you dont want it, you must pay.

What causes a 1989 Chevy Celebrity 2.8 mpfi not to start change the computer?

it could be a lot of things, you should start by checking the ignition, disconnect spark plug wires (remember which goes where first) and make sure u put them next to something with ground (-) ( like the engine block) and have someone crank the car, if they dont spark that means you have bad cables or bad ignition coils, (you can get the ignition coil checked at autozone for free) after that you might want to check the ignition fuse. and all others while your at it. if that dont work just reply, ill help u out.

What does it mean if a car has limited range?

i dont no wat it means

When you turn the key to start the car the switch does not stay on and the car shuts off so do you need to replace the ignition and is it hard to replace?

I dont know if you need to or not but, I do know there was a recall on the ignition for 96 Grand AM. I would call a local dealer and ask if this pertained to your car also.

When oil pump in car is broke will car start?

yes it will start but you dont want to start it.

Name things you dont want to happen in your car?

SmokingPassengers vomitingBreakdownsCollisions

What does the lightning symbol on a car dashboard mean?

On many vehicles, that means that the daytime driving lights are on.

What causes the 2000 buick lesabre to stall while driving then turn back on?

the car dont star not run ,i see before the stater and the starter is good but i dont no the car not start now and need the coil ignition diagram thank

You want to buy a car but you dont know who is the owner Who is the owner?

Ask the person who is driving the car who the owner is.

The word garage in German on an ignition switch means?

The position that can safely be used if the car is parked in a closed garage.