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you need to replace your idle jets, take it to a mechanic

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Q: What is wrong when my car shuts off unless i step on the gas?
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What is wrong if your car engine shuts off as soon as you start it?

1991 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0L starts 2 to 3 seconds later shuts off

What could be wrong with your car if it sometimes shuts off right after you turned it on but when you turn it on again nothing seems wrong?

souns like a misfiring.

If a car hesitates and bogs down when you step on the gas What is wrong?

Its broke - get a new car

Cadillac 2000 dhs when stering wheal turn left or right car shuts doownwhats wrong with it?

Whats wrong with is that it needs a new power steering pump.

What is wrong if I lose power in my car while driving the radio goes then the engine shuts down?

Usually a sighn of bad alternator.

Is it ok to step on the gas to start a car engine?

Not unless it is a carburated engine.

What is wrong with a 1986 Ford Escort that shuts off the spark quits and after sitting a while it cranks and runs great?

You probably have a control module going out on your car.

Why don't my car stop when i step on brakes its an automatic transmission?

You will have to get your car repaired. There is no way to tell exactly what is wrong with your car without actually looking at it.

Car shuts off when turn signal is used?

A car that shuts off when the turn signal is used indicates a major short in the electrical system. When the turn signal is used, it cause a massive draw on the power and shuts it down.

What is wrong if your car starts up fine but shuts off within seconds?

very hard to say but sounds like an immobilizer problem, or it is not getting adequate fuel flow...

Anti car theft device?

a bait car shuts the robbers in when driving and then you can locate them

What can be wrong if your car starts then shuts off and starts again but you have to press the gas a little bit?

Partially clogged fuel filter or weak fuel pump. Replace the fuel filter.