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>perform engine tune-up.

>check automatic transmission oil level

>check for any dragging brakes


>check /replace sparkplugs

>check/clean/replace air filter element

>check/replace fuel filters

>check fuel pump pressure, replace if necessary.

>check for any vacuum hose leaks

>check for engine overheating

>check intake/exhaust valve clearance

>check PCV, EGR, O2 sensor, etc etc

>> in short, perform general tune-up

for transmission oil level checking

perform check when ebgine reaches normal operating temp.

ask for someone to shift to drive and with brake engage while you measure oil level

must be at max level of upper slot if no word markings on dipstick

add fluid if necessary.

check brakes on all four wheels

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Q: What is wrong if a car doesnt accelerate normally and sometimes feels like it wants to but doesnt?
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