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The standard double car garage door is 16' wide x 7' high. A two car garage should typically be a minimum of 20' wide (inside) to allow the doors to open. 22' to 24' width is preferred.

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Q: What is the width of a double car garage?
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Width of double car garage?

The standard width of a double car garage is 20.5 feet. That is a big enough size to fit a large sedan and a truck inside.

Average garage door width?

Normal width of a single car garage is 8' feet. Normal width of a double car garage is 16' feet. These answers are for doors typically found in the USA.

What is the average width of a one car garage?

The average with of an one car garage is 12 feet. Many people will want a few extra feet of width for storage.

Average width of a two car garage?

20 feet

What is the width of a one car overhead garage door?

Generally 8' or 9'

What is the width of a 2 car garage?

a little wider than 2 cars

Is a 21ft garage a two car garage?

Typically, a 2 car garage minimum width is 24'. This said, there is no reference to minimum widths for garages in the IRC building code that I can find.

What are the average deminsions of a four car garage?

A standard 2 car garage is 24 ft x 24 ft. So you would double that for a four car garage.

Can I get a garage door for my shed?

You'll need to get a nonstandard garage door (not single-car width), so that may be very hard to find.

What is the width of a typical 3 car garage?

Sixty feet is a good size width for a 3 car garage. This comes from the Illustrated Guide to Tactical Drawing: How to Determine Floorplans. It calculates the size of the cars with doors open and adequate space to walk between vehicles.

What is the Standard width of single car garage door?

8 or 9 foot, either one is common.

How big is the average double car garage?

Most are mot big enough and most are around 24x22. A much better size for a 2 car garage is 30x28.

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