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coolant overflow/reservoir tank

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2010-11-15 23:12:21
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Q: What is the white container connected to radiator?
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Do newer cars have water container for the engine?

If it is a water cooled vehicle the is yes It its broadest sense the engine & radiator are the storage containers. More specifically the expansion bottle (also known as a header tank) which is connected to the vehicles radiator could be classed as a water container.

What is the large white container in the Ford Fiesta engine compartment Not the washer bottle?

hi that's for your cooling fluid for the radiator.

Why do you have fuel in your radiator?

Made mistake of pouring wrong container in radiator

Which is the upper or lower radiator hose on Jeep Cherokee?

Upper is hose connected to top of radiator, lower is hose connected to bottom of radiator.

Where is the coolant tank in a Honda?

The easiest way to locate the coolant tank is to follow the small black tube that is connected to the radiator cap and follow it to a plastic container. The year of your Honda will determine if it is on the left or right side of the radiator.

How do you drain a radiator on a 95 Toyota Avalon?

Remove hose from bottom of radiator and let it drain into a container.

Where do you add coolant to a 1992 corolla?

You have to check the coolant level in the container under the hood. The container is connected to radiator with a tube. On the container you can find special marks which allows you to see the level the cooling system. There are two main marks one is MIN and another is MAX. Make sure that the level is somewhere in between of the marks.

Is white surface good radiator of heat?

A white surface is a good radiator of heat.

What is a closed metal container containing hot water or steam?


What is the hose connected to the thermostat housing?

That is the lower hose and the one connected to the radiator is the upper one..

Where is radiator cap VW golf?

There is just an overflow container, no radiator cap. Remember, pink or blue fluid only.

Where do you put antifreeze in a truck?

In the canister that's connected to the radiator.

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