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Q: What is the vehicle propelled down the road by it's engine or transmission?
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Can damage occur when Slowing down with an automatic transmission in snow conditions by down shifting?

No,it does not do any damage to the engine or the drive-train of the vehicle with an automatic transmission

Where is transmission located on 2000 Hyundai Elantra?

The transmission is located in close proximity to the engine, usually (in Hyundai's) transversely mounted directly under and behind the engine (behind the engine in terms of: following from the front of the vehicle towards the rear of the vehicle). If you follow the transmission fluid dipstick housing (shaft) down - that transmission fluid dipstick housing will end directly into the upper-most part of the transmission housing.

When slowing to a stop there is a slight jerk without applying the brakes?

The year, make, model, transmission and engine info would help but it is probably the transmission down shifting if the vehicle is an automatic.

Where is the transmission cap for a 1999 Toyota Camry?

If the vehicle is an automatic transmission then you will find a DIPSTICK inserted in a filler tube that goes down to the transmission . Locate the tranny in the engine bay and you will find it. It IS IN THE ENGINE COMPARTMENT and is very similar to the OIL dipstick but it IS LONGER. If the vehicle has a MANUAL (w/clutch) tranny then the only way to check it is from underneath the vehicle by unscrewing a drain or drain/fill plug. This is always on the SIDE of the transmission and looks like a HEX bolt.

Where is the transmission for a escort?

As you are looking into the engine bay from the front the transmission is on the back side of the engine about half way down.

Where is transmission stick located?

Look in the engine compartment very carefully for the dipstick. On an engine mounted longitudinally, as in a RWD vehicle, it will be located near the firewall. On an engine mounted traversely as in a FWD vehicle it will be normally located on the drivers side down low in near the transmission, but it may be on the passenger side. On some newer vehicles, especially GM, there will be no dipstick as the transmission is a sealed unit with no way for the owner to check the fluid level.

Where do you find the transmission fluid stick?

The location of the dipstick for checking the transmission fluid varies from vehicle to vehicle. For vehicles with engines mounted in line with the drive shaft and transmission (pickup trucks, Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, ect.) the dipstick for checking the transmission fluid is usually located near the back end of the engine block, sometimes lower down along the side of the engine. It often looks like the dipstick that used to check the oil. Remember to check transmission fluid the engine should be running when your doing it. Also its important that you don't over fill.

What are the two sensors on the transmission?

the two sensors on a transmission communicate with the computer to the engine and tells the transmission when to shift up or down....

How do you remove a Mitsubishi eclipse transmission?

usaully by unbolting it from the engine and dropping it down, what year and what engine?

How do you change the transmission filter on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?

To change the transmission filter on your vehicle you have to drop the transmission pan. Once you get it down you will see the filter. It comes out by pulling it down and twisting it a little.

Can you save gas by coasting down hills?

Yes coasting downhill will save you fuel. However do not do this with a vehicle equipped with automatic transmission. You will damage the automatic transmission by coasting. You can do this with a manual transmission but do not shut the engine off. This would cause you to loose power steering and power brakes.

How do you pull a motor out of a 97 cavalier?

You drop the engine, transmission and subframe all together down and out the bottom of the car. Then separate the engine from the transmission on the floor.

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