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I want to know myself.

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Q: What is the value of a midgetoy diecast racing car made in rockport il?
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Where can you find the value of older diecast cars?

what is a 2004 Action Racing Rusty Wallace #2 diescast Car worth today

Where can you buy diecast model cars?

Looking to buy Diecast model cars? Value Diecast is a great place to start. Here there is a wide variety of Diecast models. One of their best selling model cars is the 1934 Texaco T-23 GMC Tanker and.

How much would the value of a one of a kind mint condition personal documents of Darrell jaws Waltrip intro for Gatorade car 88 in 1976 be worth How do you find a value for something like this?

Check your local magazine stand for Becketts Racing or DieCast Digest magazines. Both can be ordered online also.

What is the value of a Dale Earnhardt number 38 car?

I am not familiar with the #38 Dale Earnhardt diecast, however his daughter Kelly drove the #38 Mom & Pops late model in the mid 1990s. This diecast was released in 2005 and is worth approximately $40. In the 1970s, Dale drove a #30 Army car which is worth approximately $60.

What is the value of a Dale Earnhardt Sr. Action 1996 Atlanta Olympic games diecast car in mint condition?

Five hundred dollars.

Helio Castroneves Autograph Value?

*Update* The autograph is written in permanant marker on a diecast Indy car, Helio's car of course. I got the autograph a few years ago along with the car. I have photos of him signing the car and such to also prove that it is the real deal.The autograph is in pristine condition, no rubbings or wipes on it.The diecast car alone cost 40 dollars.

What is the value of an autographed Dale Earnhardt Sr. Maxx racing card?


Enjoy Collecting Corgi Diecast Toys?

Corgi diecast toys have been favorites of collectors for years. Famous for precision scale models of real cars, trucks and airplanes, Corgi has a legacy for quality, durability and value. Whether for play or for serious business, Corgi toys hold their value, making them a wise investment and a great gift for almost any age group. Corgi makes special commemorative products the for movies like Cars or events like the Olympics, so be sure to keep up with their product releases so your collection will stay complete and up-to-date.

What does the ae mean in horse racing?

A/E is a stat in horse racing. A means Actual whilst E means estimated. Basically this means that you can calculate the value and therefore the value bets. This enables you to identify value lays. To use this you will need to know the actual number of winners and also the expected number. Obviously the first part will be easier than predicting the expected winners as you will have to analyze the odds.

What is the value of a Jim Beam Bobby Unser Gurney Eagle Racing decanter along with the box?

Depending on condition, between $20.00 and $50.00.

What is the value of a Dale Earnhardt Jr. racing jacket?

how much is an oreo ritz baseball cap autographed by dale Earnhardt jr worth

How do you determint the value of used Franklin Mint diecast cars?

By going on ebay, finding as many as possible that are similar and watching what they sell for. The price is driven entirely by demand.