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Q: What is the tyre pressure on a Nissan figaro car?
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What car does mollie king have?

Nissan Figaro

What is the car in The Sarah Jane Adventures?

Nissan Figaro I think it is the 1991 Nissan Figaro. I found it on Wikipedia. you are wrong

In which country was the Nissan Figaro originally sold?

The Nissan Figaro, a small and retro car, was originally sold in the country of Japan in 1991, with 20,000 built by the car company Nissan. It, unsurprisingly, became very popular in the UK and Ireland.

In what years was the Nissan Figaro produced?

The Nissan Figaro was introduced in 1989 but was actually placed in production in 1991. Only 20,000 Figaros were built and is a great collector for car enthusiasts.

Why do car tyers have high pressure inside them?

The pressure ensures that the tyre can support the weight of the car without flattening out so that the tyre tread touches the wheel rim. Think what happens when a tyre gets a puncture and the internal pressure is lost.

Where can one purchase a Nissan Figaro car?

One can purchase a Nissan Figaro car by visiting auto-mobile dealerships, auctions and online websites specialising in cars. Another way is posting a 'wanted' advert in a local classified page or website.

What type of car does Sarah Jane drive in the Sarah Jane adventures?

It could be a 1991 Nissan Figaro.

Which company produced the Figaro cars?

The Nissan company is the one who manufactured the Figaro automobile. The automobile was produced in 1991 and has a 1960s retro look. The car is popular with collectors in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Why does the pressure in a car tire change after it has driven for an hour?

As the tyre rotates, friction between the tyre and road plus the radiant heat from the brakes causes the pressure to rise in the tyre. You can get blow off valves that are set to a given pressure and will release any excess. Tyre pressures should always be adjusted cold.

How do particles inside a car tire cause pressure on the tire?

they hit the walls/side of the tyre and that builds pressure

What is air pressure in car tyres?

the recommended tyre pressure for all light vehicles is 32psi in all tyres

How do the particles inside a car tire cause pressure on the tire?

they hit the walls/side of the tyre and that builds pressure

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