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Hastings direct is a company that is not the biggest of the insurance companies but uses its name well. The number for it is 0844 8793033. They are based in Sussex.

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Q: What is the telephone number for Hastings car insurance?
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When was Hastings direct car insurance founded?

Hastings Direct car insurance was founded in 1997. They are an award winning and one of the fastest growers in the U.K. They offer car , van , and even motorcycle insurance.

Is Hastings car insurance reliable?

Hastings car insurance is not entirely reliable. There have been many claims of bad customer service and a lengthy process in handling claims and resolution. The overall reliability of Hastings is not so reliable.

What types of car insurance does Hastings offer?

Hastings Direct is a European insurance company that offers a variety of coverage for automobiles, homes, motorcycles, as well as pet insurance to it's consumers.

Does axa car insurance give you quotes online?

Yes, AXA car insurance provides insurance quotes online. They also provide insurance quotes on the telephone.

How can I find a good agent for car insurance in tennessee?

There are many choices for auto insurance in Tennessee, one place to start is the AAA Insurance Agency in Nashville, their telephone number is (615) 297-7700.

how do i get my lisense for antique car appraisel in my area?

The telephone number is (607) 732-9915. His office should be able to give you information on the insurance he accepts.

Which company offers the lowest car insurance rates in England?

Car Insurance is very important! Companies offering among the lowest car insurance rates in England include Direct Line, Aviva, Hastings Direct, Churchill, LV, John Lewis Insurance, Admiral, and Saga.

If you hit a telephone pole and have no car insurance what happens?

you pay out-of-the pocket expenses.

How can one get car insurance in France?

Someone can get car insurance in France by contacting a number of car insurance companies in France. Car insurance companies typically can provide quotes online.

What are the more popular vehicle car insurance companies?

The more popular vehicle car insurance companies include Churchill, Direct Line, Zurich, Swiftcover, Admiral, eSure, Hastings Direct, Tesco, Privilege, and More Than.

How you can find out car insurance with policy no if you delete your mail information by mistake?

Just telephone your insurance company and they will give the information you need as well as a new insurance card.

Where can one get a car insurance quote?

There are many insurance brokers in your city that would love to give you an car insurance quote. Should one not want to leave their home to get a quote, one can ask for a quote on the net by visiting any insurance site. If the net is not an option one can get a car insurance quote by telephone.