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there is no tax on gasoline

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2009-08-14 18:02:45
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Q: What is the tax on a gallon of gasoline?
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Related questions

Is gasoline tax progressive?

No. Most gasoline tax in not progressive. It is a tax per gallon.

What is the Texas state and federal tax on a gallon of gas?

Texas Gasoline Tax: 20 cents/gallon

What is the tax on gasoline in Tennessee?

21.4 cents per gallon.

How much is the sales tax on gasoline in Texas?

20 cent/gallon

How much tax per gallon do you pay in Florida?

The Federal Tax is 18.4 cents per gallon fro gasoline and 24.4 cents for diesel. The Florida state tax is 34.5 cents per gallon of fuel which is the 10th highest in the nation. In Florida you pay 52.9 cents in taxes on every gallon of gasoline you buy.

How much tax do we pay on ohio gas per gallon?

Ohioans pay a Motor Fuel Tax of 46.4 - 52.4 cents per gallon:Ohio Motor Fuel Tax Rates (per gallon): 28 cents - same rates for both gasoline and dieselFederal Motor Fuel Tax Rates (per gallon): 18.4 cents for gasoline and 24.4 cents for diesel

What kind of tax is gasoline tax?

A gasoline tax is a tax of so many pennies on every gallon of gasoline. It had the original purpose of providing money for roads. It was based on the theory that the people that used the roads should pay for them. They would pay for them by paying a tax on each gallon of gasoline purchased. That money would go into a fund that would pay for machinery, supplies, land, labor, and whatever else was needed to build roads. After that original purpose, legislatures and other units of government frequently added taxes onto gasoline for other purposes. A+ it's proportional

Cost of gasoline in 1999?

In Laurel, Maryland, gasoline fell to about 80 cents in that year. This varied from state to state according to the local gasoline tax. At that time, the national gas tax was 19 cents per gallon, but in Maryland the state tax was 30 cents, meaning over half of the price of gasoline was from taxes.

What is the ks gas tax on gasoline per gal?

State tax is 25 cents per gallon and Federal tax is 18.4 cents for a total of 43.4 cents.

What is the federal tax on gasoline?

The major US tax on gasoline is an "excise" tax, added to the cost of gasoline, and is currently 18.4 cents per gallon (24.4 cents on diesel fuel). This is collected like a sales tax, but as part of the total price. State fuel taxes vary, but are added to the advertised price in the same way.

How many moles are in a gallon of gasoline?

How Many moles are in a gallon of gasoline?

1 gallon equals gallons of gasoline?

1 gallon equals 1 gallon of gasoline.

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