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You have a tire low on air.

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Q: What is the symbol of a horseshoe with an exclamation point in the center of it?
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What does the exclamation point symbol inside a horseshoe represent on a 2008 Pontiac Vibe?

I think it is the amount of air in your tires

What does the upsidedown horseshoe symbol on the dashboard with a exclamation point in it mean when it comes on the dashboard of a 2013 Chevy spark?

You have a tire low on air.

What does exclamation point indicator light mean on Kia Sportage?

If the exclamation point is inside a yellow horseshoe, the tire pressure is low

What does the exclamation point symbol inside an upside horseshoe represent on a Chevy Impala dashboard?

It's a tire pressure light. Your tire pressure is off.

What does the dashboard symbol on a Prius in the shape of a horseshoe with exclamation point in the middle mean?

You have a soft tire. Check all the tires for correct air pressure.

What is the Trailblazer warning light that looks like an upside down horseshoe with an exclamation point?

upside horseshoe on the car

What is the symbol for factorial?

an exclamation point !

What is the gauge shaped like a horseshoe with an exclamation point in the middle?

Tire Pressure warning.

What does a horseshoe with an exclamation point in it on the transmission mean on a Chrysler sebring?

Tire pressure is low

What is the name of the symbol above the 1 on a keyboard?

It is an exclamation point and/or exclamation mark.

What does an exclamation point symbol right next to a number do to the number?

An exclamation mark after a number is the symbol for the factorial function.

What does a yellow horseshoe light with an exclamation point in it mean on Pontiac Vibe?

Uncorrect tire pressure

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