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It can be from 60 to 85 mph.

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Q: What is the speed limit on interstate highways in designated rural areas?
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What is the speed limit on USA highways?

It varies by state and type of highway. The highest speed limit is 80, which is found on Interstate highways in Texas in rural areas.

Maximum speed limit in California?

70 MPH on Interstate Highways.

The maximum legal speed limit on a rural interstate highway is?

The maximum legal speed limit on a rural Interstate highway is the posted speed limit in the United States. Each state in the United States has different posted speed limits for Interstate highways and other highways.

What is the maximum speed limit in ga on urban interstate highways is?

70 MPH

What is the maximum speed limit on an interstate highway on a clear day and in a rural area?

70mph on some rural interstate highways

Is there any interstate with speed limit 75 in US?

There are several Interstate Highways with a 75 MPH speed limit at various points throughout their span, but there isn't one which has that speed limit at every single point.

What is the speed limit on a two lane highway in Florida?

Florida standard speed limits=Municipal Speed Areas: 30BUsiness or residential area: 30Rural interstate: 70*Limited access highways: 70All other roads and highways: 55*School Zones: 20

What is speed limit on US highways?

There is no "universal" answer. State and local highways are usually around 55 or 60 MPH, but can vary. Interstate highways, turnpikes and toll highways can have higher limits, up to 70 or 75 MPH, but again, this can vary.

What is the speed limit on rural interstate highways is?

It is important to drive safely. The speed limit on a rural interstate highway is usually set somewhere between 65 miles per hour and 80 miles per hour.

Is it legal to walk on a 4 lane highway where the speed limit is 55?

On highways that are not limited access roadways is may be legal, according to state law. However, it is NOT legal on interstate highways.

If the speed limit on interstate highways in Iowa is 65 milesper hr Convert this to km per hr?

104,6 km/h

What is the maxium speed limit on major highways?

In the US, the maximum speed on an interstate highway is 70. Until recently, there were a couple of stretches of highway that were limitless.

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