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Q: What is the seer rating on comfortmaker models n4h336gke100 h4h348ghd200?
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What is the seer rating on a comfortmaker NAC036AKA4?

10 seer

What is the SEER rating on a comfortmaker AC unit Model ACS036A2C1 1997 year unit?

That is a 9 seer condenser

What is the seer rating on comfortmaker model nac048gkc3 air conditioner compressor unit?

10 SEER 4 ton

What is the seer rating on a comfortmaker ac unit model acs048a2b2?

I think it may be about SEER 8.73 . This is all just an estimate based on the ACS048xxx, where the models are delimited by BTU capacity, being 48000 BTU in this case. Then using the input power consumed from the sticker on my unit, is 220V * 25A = 5,500Watts . So, then the SEER is 48000 / 5500 = 8.727

What brands of heat pumps offer energy efficient heating?

Heat pump efficiency can be expressed in SEER rating, with 13 being a mediocre heat pump. Infinity currently has the most efficient energy pump on the market, with a SEER rating of up to 20,5. American Standard, Comfortmaker and TempStart provide units with a 17+ SEER rating.

What safety rating system is used for children's helmets?

SHARP 5 Star Motorcycle Helmet rating system includes many different makes and models of the helmets and provides rating. Some of the models that scored a 5 in rating is the S4, S4 Stealth, GP Tech, GP5x.

How much horsepower does a 330ci have?

The 330ci has a horsepower rating of 225 for standard models. The performance package boost the horsepower to a rating 235.

What is the rollover rating for the latest Nissan Quest models?

The newest Nissan Quest model has a rollover rating of 5 out o 5. This rating is substantial with previous years as well.

How does the safety rating of the newest Mitsubishi Eclispse compare with other Mitsubishi models?

The safety rating on the 2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse is pretty great compared to the other models. They received a 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

What is the seer rating on a comfortmaker model no nhp036akc2 heat pump?

10 seer 36000 BTU, you can find info here (page 5) based on manufacturer MODEL NUMBER IDENTIFICATION GUIDE

What is the rollover rating for the most recent Cadillac SRX models?

The 2010 Cadillac SRX has a four star rollover rating. This means that the front wheel drive and all wheel drive models have a 16-17% chance of rolling over in the event of an accident. This is the second highest rating and is on par with most SUV's.

The SEDBUK rating is used in what industry?

The SEDBUK rating is an energy efficiency rating developed by the UK government and used in the boiler industry. It is used to provide a comparison between different models of boilers and different manufacturers.