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The current total local sales tax rate in Hillsborough County, FL is 7.0%

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Q: What is the sales tax on a new car in Hillsborough county Florida?
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Car sales tax rate in Florida?

6% plus the county sales tax rate

What is the sales tax rate for a car in Collier County Florida?

6% right

What is the sales tax on a new car in pinellas county Florida?

Seven percent.

How much is the sales tax on a used car in st johns county fl?

The sales tax on a car is 6% for anyone that lives in the state of Florida.

What percentage tax is charged in broward county Florida when buying a used car?

In Florida you pay sales tax depending on which county you live in, not where you buy the car. Florida in general is 6% I believe, but some countys are higher. However, in Broward County, the car discretionary sales tax is 0%. See link:

What is the used car sales tax for Alabama?

The used sales tax for the state of Alabama on a used car is the same as a new car. 2.0% is the state sales tax. There is also city and county sales tax. This varies from each city and county.

Which county do you pay sales tax for on a car in Georgia?

Pay it in the county you reside in.

What is the sales tax on a new car in Florida?


Do you have to pay sales tax in Florida on a car?


What is the used car sales tax in gwinnett county georgia?

gwinett county ga

Do you pay sales tax on a car from a private seller in Florida?

You will pay sales tax where you register the vehicle. Last time I checked Florida has sales tax...

What is the sales tax on a new car in Georgia?

Georgia sales tax differs from county to county and you are taxed based on the county you live in. If you live in another state you don't pay Georgia sales tax you'll pay the tax to your state when you register the car.