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Q: What is the safest color car to drive during the day?
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What is the safest color for a car?


If you are in a car during an earthquake and are out in the open are you safest in the car?


What car is safest to drive in snowy slope?

4x4 or a hummer

Safest seat in a car?

The middle back seat is the safest.

What is the most dangerous color car to drive?

From a Swedish study, black was revealed to be the most dangerous color car to drive. A study of 31,000 crashes in Sweden1 found that black cars were involved in 22.5% of the crashes even though black cars made up only 4.4% of the vehicle population. This means that black cars were 5 times more likely to crash. According to the same study, the safest car colour was pink. Source:

Safest place to place a car seat?

The safest place to place a car seat is in the middle of the car or behind the drivers seat.

Which babies car seats are the safest?

The safest baby car seat that I know of is Greco. It has know to be the safest car seat in the world. I purchase a lot of their products and people has been very pleased.

What color car does Amy drive away with in Stolen Children?


What color car does Bella Swan drive in twilight?

Orangy red

What is the safest time of day to drive?

No time is the safest to drive because you never know who is behind the wheel. However, the safest time to drive, based on the number of fatalities per time of day and week, is monday - Thursday from about 5 am to about noon. After lunch, the end of the work day, and later night time festivities the chnaces of a car accident gradually increase. So be smart, defensive, and keep your eyes open!

What is the safest way to move a car across the country?

If your vehicle is powerful enough, you should be able to drive it. If your vehicle is practically a lemon, it may be safer to rent something to tow your car.

If car financing falls though do you have to return the car?

No. Instead, you can drive to Brazil and get it painted a different color.