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Some of the safest SUV's for families include the Hondo CR-V, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Audi Q5. These SUV's have won awards as being some of the safest SUV's for families.

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Q: What is the safest SUV for a family with young children?
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What is the safest 2013 midsize suv?

I like the ford exploxer, this suv has tons of room for your needs. Also the newer suv are really not to bad on gas.

What is the safest and best SUV 2012?

The safest SUV of 2012 would be the BMW X3. I have chosen this car based off of personal experience. The car is heavy, providing great protection, it has a great radio.

What is the best Ford Suv for a family with three children?

The Ford Explorer is an SUV built with medium to larger families in mind. It can hold up to 7 passengers and is built tough to handle all the adventures of active children.

What size SUV is the safest?

The smaller sizes tend to be safer. They are less top heavy when they are smaller.

What is the best SUV for a large family?

The best SUV for a large family is the Lexus GX470. The GX470 has seating for 8. The right vehicle for your family does depend on the size of your family and what you are using the vehicle for.

Where can I find a safe, durable mid size suv at its best?

I would look at the capacity of each in the brochures the dealer hands out. I would also at consumer reports to see which is the safest for mid-sized SUV's.

For a small family are Mini Vans a better option than a crossover SUV?

The difference between a mini van or an crossover SUV is definitely what your personal preference is. The mini van does offer more room and might be a better choice especially if you have small children.

What are some of the features of a Convertible SUV?

Convertible SUV's carry the same features as any SUV, just with a convertible top. These were designed to show that family cars can have some sort of aspect of fun to their design.

Which hybrid cars are the safest?

The following cars got 5 out of 5 star safety rating: Mercury Milan (Car), Ford Fusion (Car), Ford Escape (SUV), Honda Civic (Car), Nissian Altima (Car), and the GMC Yukon (SUV)

What is the best SUV for a family of 5?

The best suv you can buy for a family of 5 is a chevy tahoe. They are not only best in class crash ratings, but they also look very stylish and have a alot of room for the kiddos in the back

Where can I find a used SUV for sale?

The best placed to find a used SUV is a local dealership. However, in my opinion it is better that you purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle because these vehicles will have been expected for safety, and since you are having triplets, you want the safest car for the money.

Which vehicles have 3rd row seating?

This problem seems to be common when one raises a family. In my childhood, I can remember stretching out in a variety of SUV's. My family went through a variety of makes and models, but I distinctively remember being fond of Chevrolets SUV's