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Q: What is the retail price of a goodman air conditioner model number GPC1342H41CA?
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Where can I buy an air conditioner at a cheaper cost?

Air conditioner can be purchased online an at a local retail store. For the best prices it is best to compare stores online and see what is on sale.

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Look for retail websites such as Sears for deals on a new air conditioner and refrigerator. Magazine ads, newspapers, and online ads usually have offers on good machine units for low prices.

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Should I buy my air conditioners from Lowe's?

If you want a new air conditioner, you should compare the prices of every retail place such as Lowes and even check online for some of the best deals.

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Multiply the retail amount of the item by 0.2857 for 40% mark up. That number is the mark-up amount. Just subtract that number from retail amount and That is the cost. Learn how to write this equation and the multiplier of 50%, 75% and more

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Suggested retail is $120, so actual retail would be around $100. Used, $50 to $75.

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