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It is a K-1 roadster:

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Q: What is the red sports car in the film in the electric mist?
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Which is the only electric sports car?

The TESLA MOTORS roadster is by my knowledge the only electric sports car as of now

What was the Car used in the movie In the Electric Mist?

Where can I purchase an electric sports car in Oregon?

Oregon is leading the nation in test marketing electric cars. Two electric cars now available in Oregon are the Nissan Leaf (a four-door hatchback) and the Tesla Roadster (a two-seater sports car).

How much is an electric car?

The price of an electric car will a depend on the quality of your electric car just like with a gasoline vehicle. You can get neighborhood electric cars for around 2,000 but they won't go fast or far. You can get a Economic Electric car for around 30,000 or a sports car for 100,000 the price is all variable. If you want a cheaper method you can always convert one yourself.

What kind of sports car will easily transport an electric piano?

if i was you i would use something else

Electric Sports Cars Encourage Research And Development?

Most traditional car makers participate in car racing for two reasons. First, it is great publicity and second, racetracks make great research laboratories. Tesla motors is a leader in electric car design and development. Tesla's electric sports car, the roadster, is proof that electric car performance can equal gasoline-powered cars. It has a top speed of 125 mph, goes from zero to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, has a 245 mile range and zero emissions.

How fast can electric cars travel?

The fastest electric car can travel over 300 miles per hour. Normal electric sports cars travel around 125 mph. Yet the electric car driven by most individuals will travel from 65 to 85 mph.

What is the world's most fuel efficient car?

The Most Efficient Car is The Electric Car sports Car that recently came out. The last answer was terrible so i changed it but this one is probably worse.

How environmenatally friendly is a Tesla roadster?

The tesla roadster is a battery electric sports car. It comes from a brand new auto company out of Silicon Valley. These fast sports car are dedicated to producing pure electric cars powered by lithium-ion batteries with no combustion engine at all. This making the car extremely enviromentally friendly.

Who starred in Who Killed the Electric Car?

The film "Who Killed the Electric Car?" was directed by Chris Paine and released in 2006. The documentary starred Martin Sheen, Reverend Gadget, Mel Gibson, and Tom Hanks.

What is India's first electric car?

Coming soon: India's 1st electric sedan. January 30, 2014: Mahindra Reva is all set to launch the country's first sedan electric car and the hybrid version of its Sports utility vehicle, XUV.

What is the difference between a smart car and an electric car?

A Smart car can have an internal combustion engine. An electric car is....electric