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If when you turn a corner the knocking noise gets louder and more pronounced, then you have defective CV joints. The fact that the boots have holes in them, would indicate that water and dust has been able to contact the joints. This will cause them to self-destruct. This can be very dangerous, and if one breaks while you are driving you may have an accident. Replace th CV joints and replace the boots covering them.

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Q: What is the reason for a knocking noise when i drive i changed ball joints and control arms i noticed my axels have holes in the boots and they also have some play Is that the cause of the knocking?
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Knocking sound when turning?

Bad CV joints. Replace the CV joints.

Why is it only when you accelerate in a turn in a 93 prelude do you hear a knocking noise?

balljoint or control arm. Or possibly CV joints had the same problem with a 92 prelude

What causes knocking in the front end and it goes away when step on the brakes?

Front Wheel Drive, could be bad CV Joints, Could be Control arm Bushings...

Knocking noise on steering on vw bora?

Check the CV joints

What causes a small knocking in a 1996 Hyundai Excel 1.5L?

cv joints

What is the knocking noise from the front wheels?

A knocking noise in the front wheels can be a very serious problem. The knocking noise could be caused by bad ball joints. Bad ball joints can slip off the tie rods and cause the wheel assembly to collapse. This problem should be looked at as soon as possible.

What would cause a knocking sound when you turn left while you are driving?

check CV joints

Citroen C4 Knocking sound from undercarriage when turning?

CV joints or strut brace is loose

2002 trailblazer when you accelerate it makes bad knocking sound?

IT is your CV Joints which is making this noise.

99 cavalier-- grinding-knocking while driving while jacked up no grinding-knocking but wheels don't turn evenly could this be the axle bearings or something in the transmission or transfer case?

check CV joints, if bad replace shafts and joints assembly

What would be making a knocking noise in the front of your 1998 gmc suburban whenever driven over potholes?

Extremely worn or loose shocks, bad upper or lower ball joints, worn control arm bushings.

What would cause a knocking or clunking noise of my 99 Nissan Altima after the sturts have been replaced?

It is common to have a knocking or clunking noise of a 99 Nissan Altima, even after the struts have been replaced. This may be due to worn ball joints. It is best to replace the ball joints, too.