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Q: What is the rating for Lennox central air units?
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What products does Lennox sell?

Lennox provides heating and air conditioning needs, both residential and commercial. They sell a range of air conditioners, heating units (fireplaces, stoves, chimneys) and air quality systems.

Is there freon in central air units?


Who makes Bryant central air units?


central air conditioning-what to look for?

Central air conditioning within a residence is extremely important if one lives in a climate where the summers are hot. The person shopping for central air conditioning units should look for several things to make the best selection for their household.The energy rating is an important consideration for any individual considering a central air conditioner. The central air condition systems typically advertise the rating of units available openly to help the consumers. Experts suggest that the top 25 percent of the current models available have an Energy Star rating. Air conditioning units that qualify for the rating must meet one of two criteria. If the unit is a split system, the rating must be 11.5. If the unit is a single=package model, the rating must be at least 11.0. The better the energy rating is the better potential savings for a household.The next consideration is the noise level. The unit is usually installed close to the home and the unit can be disruptive because of where it is typically placed. The noise from the unit comes from the condensing unit that is placed just outside of the home. When in the process of searching for a unit, make sure to evaluate the sound levels from the various models available. The sound levels are measured in units called bels. The scale ranges from 0 to 13. The air conditioners that have a lower bel rating are the units that run quietly.There are some other things to consider when look for a central air unit for the home. It is recommended that one look for a variable speed air handler. A filter check light can also be helpful to remind the user to change the filters periodically. The automatic-delay fan switch is another feature consumers should look for. The switch for the automatic-delay fan can cause the compressor to shut down at the same time the compressor is shut off.�

How do you measure power of Air conditioning central units?

The power output of air conditioning central units is typically measured in British Thermal Units per hour (BTU/hr) or in tons. BTU is a common unit used to measure cooling capacity, while a unit of refrigeration known as a "ton" is equivalent to 12,000 BTUs per hour. The higher the BTU rating or tonnage, the more powerful the air conditioning unit in terms of its cooling capacity.

How much energy does central air conditioning save?

depends on the seer rating..

What are the basic air conditioner units?

The basic air conditioning units are either wall, window, portable or central units. Window units are placed in the window, wall units are installed in the wall, portable ones are usually powered with electricity and can be moved wherever needed. Central air conditioning units can cool an entire house instead of just one small area.

How long do central air conditioning units last?

15 yrs

Do central air conditioner units have pilot lights?

No, but your furnace still does

How does central air conditioning work?

Central air conditioning is centralling located and can be used to cool several units. It has a central control that controls temperatures for multiple rooms.

What brand and How much are reliable heating and air conditioning units?

There are many brands available when it comes to air conditioning units. To name a few: Trane, Rheem, Lennox, and the list goes on & on. However, to ensure a fair comparison, it would be easier to break these down into the "3" groups. The 1st being: "basic units". These are the least expensive models. Unit has an efficiency rating (seer) of at least 13. This is the minimum standard allowable by federal law in the U.S.A.Next: "Premium" Units. Efficiency rating of at least 15. Typically dual speed, next step up as far as price goes.And lastly: "ultimate" Units, efficiency rating of 20+, most advanced features, & often the most expensive.My advice is to research what options fit your personal needs/cost; then price compare by research.

What are the pros and cons of Carrier central air systems vs Lennox central air systems?

There really is not a whole lot of difference. They are both manufacturers of many brands. Their warranties are about the same. Really with either brand you are mostly paying for the name.