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The purpose of someone using an electric pallet truck is that it is used to be an electric control water reviser. You use them to pick up big things like cardboard boxes.

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Q: What is the purpose of someone using a electric pallet truck?
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What is an electric pallet jack?

An electric pallet jack or electric pallet truck is powered by an electric motor. Allowing the operator to move pallets without having the manually pump/push to lift and/or move pallets. They come in both walk behind and ride on configurations.

What is a pallet truck?

A pallet truck is a manually-operated device for lifting and moving pallets.

Do you need a license to operate an electric pallet truck?

Regulations vary by state and employers. typically this is more a matter of the preferences of a company's insurance provider.

What is the height of a 40 x 48 pallet?

The height of a pallet is such that a pallet truck or forklift truck can put their blades underneath and lift the pallet. From memory it could be between 6" to 9" high measuring from the ground.

What is the maximum weight capacity of a usual pallet truck scale?

The maximum weight capacity of a usual pallet truck scale is around 4,400Lb. This amount can increase and decrease when purchasing better and more expensive pallet trucks.

Where can I purchase a pallet truck for sale?

You can purchase a pallet truck for sale by looking in your local yellow pages for a place near by. Or you can go to to find more deals

What are some good websites that list pallet truck manufacturers?

While there are no websites that list pallet truck manufacturers, or are both excellent search engines to find such lists. Simply enter 'pallet truck manufacturers' into the search field and these search engines will provide you with relevant results.

I just need a standard pallet truck for my warehouse which model should I choose?

The industry standard size of pallet truck is with a fork size of 550mm or 540mm x 1150mm, this size truck will move most pallet sizes and is available in 1680kg (DF168 range),2500kg (AC25 range) and 3500kg(CN3500 range). One of the most popular selling model is the AC25 (540mm x 1150mm) pallet truck model.

Is a CDL required to operate a pallet truck?

A CDL or comercial drivers license allows drivers to drive taxis, minibuses, lorries and trucks. This license includes pallet trucks and any driver wishing to drive a pallet truck must have a CDL.

Can a half ton truck carry a pallet of sod?


What exactly are pallet Jacks?

A pallet jack is the same as a pallet truck, which helps move large items. the pallet jack is hydrauilc and is used in large wolesale stores like costco and sams club.

I'd like to rent a pallet truck on Saturday 11/21/2009. How much will it cost per day and where can I rent it?

Budget Truck Rental has pallet trucks available to rent in Denver, Co.