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By honing the cylinder you establish a shallow criss-cross pattern which helps with keeping the cylinder and piston lubricated as the oil film will cling better to the cylinder walls.

It also remove/smoothen the groove often left where the piston change direction.

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Q: What is the purpose of honing a cylinder when replacing a piston?
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Can thermosteel be used to repair a pitted cylinder wall?

No. If it minor pitting, honing the cylinder may be enough. If it is deep, it will need to be bored and an oversize piston used or the cylinder can be sleeved.

What is the cause of bluish white smoke even after replacing piston rings and cylinder head gasket?

Oil !

What type of piston is used for 1977 beetle?

You never replace a piston without replacing the cylinder too, as they're a matched set. The ones you want are for the 1600 cc engine.

Why are you use cushion in hydraulic cylinder?

cushioning used to reduce the piston velocity ,the piston movement will go for slow motion so that purpose using a cushioning.

Why cylinder's are used in car?

basically cylinders are fitted with the pistons used in the engine of a motor vehicle. these pistons are been used for the combustion of the fuel and its purpose is to transfer force from expanding gas in the cylinder to the crankshaft via a piston rod and/or connecting rod. In a pump, the function is reversed and force is transferred from the crankshaft to the piston for the purpose of compressing or ejecting the fluid in the cylinder. In some engines, the piston also acts as a valve by covering and uncovering ports in the cylinder wall.

What is fit in pisTon and cylinder arrangement?

No fit.BECAUSE No contact between piston and cylinder.

What keeps a piston from tipping in its cylinder?

The piston is prevented from tipping in the cylinder by the piston rings, which provide stability and guidance as the piston moves up and down within the cylinder. Additionally, the piston skirt design and cylinder wall clearance also help to maintain proper alignment of the piston during operation.

What is the purpose of fixing a dummy piston and cylinder in steam turbine rotor?

Dummy piston is provided to oppose the axial thrust generated (in the direction of steam) due to incoming steam.

What is a cylinder jug?

The "cylinder jug" is the cylinder. This is the area that the piston and piston rings moves up and down in when the engine is turning.

What is a Piston cylinder?

A cylinder is the central working part of a reciprocating engine, the space in which a piston travels.

Would changing the pistons solve an oil problem?

Changing the pistons will NOT fix an oil problem UNLESS you have a hole in the piston, which would cause many more problems as well. Placing new rings on the pistons, along with honing the cylinder walls (which is necessary if you are replacing rings) WILL allow the cylinder to seal better, improving compression and stopping oil slipping past the oil ring. It would be wise to check valve guides and seals as well if you decide to change the rings.

What is piston stroke?

a far from my knowledge one piston stroke is the distance the piston head traveled from bottom end of cylinder to top end of the cylinder