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A secondary means to mechanically hold a car from moving.

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Q: What is the purpose of brake cables on a car?
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What is the purpose of brake pads?

Main component of car brake system to stop your car.

Car will start and go in gear but will not move?

Could be, Transmission failure, Parking brake stuck (frozen brake cables),

How do you fix a rusty emergency brake cable on a 66 mailbu?

Replace the cables with new ones. There are aftermarket cables available for that car.

How do you adjust the rear brake cable on a 2002 Chevy Cavalier?

At the "Y" in the cables at the rear of the car

How do you adjust the parking brake on a 1993 Ford Mustang?

At the "Y" of the cables under the car in front of the rearend.

What is the purpose of a drum brake?

The purpose of a drum brake is to come to a complete stop with any veichle that may have drum brakes in the rear of the car.

What causes the car rear wheels to seize up?

bad break pads If it is disc brake it could be, caliper slide pins are frozen, caliper piston frozen, e-brake cables frozen. If it is drum brake it could be, frozen wheel cylinders, frozen e-brake cables.

How TO Fix What if your Parking Brake if its stuck on a ford escort?

To fix the parking brake on the Escort, you need to find the problem. Make sure that the brake control in the car is releasing, then check the cables for any kinks or sticking spots. Check the cables at the brakes to see if the mechanism is stuck.

What would be wrong with a 1998 jetta if after replacing the e-brake cables and tightening them up under the car and in the car the e-brake still doesn't work even though there is tension on it?

Check your brakes to see if they are worn.

How do you repair a stuck emergency brake on a 1993 Tercel?

you buy new emergency brake cables and put them on. you buy new emergency brake cables and put them on.

My hand brake frooze on on my car?

Probably one of the e-brake cables rusted tight. If you continue to drive it, it may burn out one or both of the rear brakes. Have it repaired now.

A parking brake system?

Must be able to hold your car on a hill or incline, and usually consists of a cable or system of cables that will operate a ratchet on the rear brakes. NOT part of the hydraulic brake system.