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An automotive multimeter, like any multimeter, can be used to test the voltage or current in some kind of circuit. As it is an automotive multimeter it is aimed more towards the used in a car.

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Q: What is the purpose of an automotive multimeter?
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What is the most accurate version of Fluke multimeter?

Currently, the most accurate version would be, Fluke 88 Series V Deluxe Automotive Multimeter. This is the latest device that has been released currently.

What is the purpose of multimeter in a laboratory?

it can be used as a ammeter, voltmeter and also as a ohmmeter.

How do you do different test on automotive cars using a multimeter?

Ohms=resistance in the wiring. Volts=your power. Amps=how much power u got;)

What is the purpose of a fuse in a multimeter?

The purpose of a fuse in a multimeter is to protect the instrument and the user from excessive current. If too much current flows through the multimeter, the fuse blows, breaking the circuit and preventing damage to the multimeter or potential harm to the user. This helps ensure the safe and accurate operation of the multimeter.

What is the purpose of the pump?

The Automotive Water Pump In general the main purpose of the automotive water pump is to circulate the coolant of the cooling system of a water-cooled engine.

What is the function of a output terminal in an analog multimeter?

The purpose is to buffer the input for monitoring purposes

What is the purpose of an automotive relay?

The Purpose of a Relay is to control multiple electrical components at once.

What purpose might the multimeter serve in maintaining and troobleshooting a computer network?

With the multimeter you can measure the voltage on parts of the circuit board. You can also measure the resistance of resistors and make sure there are no short circuits in the circuit.

What is the purpose of using Automotive Direct Mail?

Automotive direct mail is an advertising and marketing strategy used by car dealers to get customers into their dealerships. It can also be used by automotive repair shops.

Can LAs Totally Awesome All Purpose Cleaner be used for automotive detailing?

yes! yes it can

How can you test a battery?

You can test a battery by using multimeter. Set the multimeter to the DC voltmeter setting and then place the leads of the multimeter across the leads of the battery. the multimeter will have a readout of the voltage.

What is the purpose of a test lead in a Multimeter?

So you don't have to put the whole meter on the circuit point. It's just a way to tap into the point you want.