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The car loan rate calculator is a tool appropriate to use when trying to buy a car. This tool is able to calculate your monthly payment if you put data such as the total amount of your loan, the interest and the start date.

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Q: What is the purpose of a car loan rate calculator?
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What information does the car loan calculator Canada give?

Car loan calculator Canada can calculate ones car loan payments. One has to enter his/her price, down payment, trade-in value and rate into the Canada car loan calculator and the calculator will calculate ones car loan payments.

What is a good website for a car loan payment calculator?

The auto loan calculator through Bank Rate is a good tool online for determining what a car loan payment might be. You simply enter the loan amount, time period and interest rate and it tells you what you payments will be.

Is there a good Vehicle loan calculator?

Auto finance and car loan tips to help making car buying easier.'s auto loan calculator estimates your monthly payments, down payments, interest rate.

Where can one find a car loan calculator?

There are a multitude of sites that offer car loan calculators such as Bank Rate, Edmunds, and The Calculator Site. Many banks also offer a similar tool, such as Chase.

What variables are usually considered by a car loan calculator?

When one is deciding how much of a car they can afford, they usually apply certain variables from a loan calculator. These variables are, loan amount, interest rate, loan term and repayments. Using these variables will help make a decision in deciding which car to buy.

What info do I need to use a vehicle loan calculator?

A vehicle loan calculator will typically generate your monthly payment. To get this figure, you will need the total cost of the car, the amount of cash you are putting down, the rate for your loan and the duration of your loan.

What interest rate is the National bank using in its car loan calculator?

Depending on the terms of the loan and the loan amount, the rate can very from 5.75% for a 3 year loan to 4.829% for a 5 year loan. The age of the car may also be a factor in how much interest you will pay.

How much interest will i pay on a car loan?

that depends on your term and rate. Use excel loan calculator and enter the information and if will give you a estimate.

Where can I find a car loan calculator online?

You can find a car loan calculator online on car websites like or the Kelly Blue book website, which is These sites usually have easy to use free calculators.

Where can I find a car loan amortization calculator?

You can find a car loan amortization calculator to estimate your monthly loan at Bankrate. This website can be accessed at

Where can one find a car financing calculator?

Bank Rate is the best website for any loan calculator. Their loan calculators are free and easy to use. Their site also provides informational articles about loans.

Where can I find a new car finance calculator?

You can get a car finance calculator from any car dealership. Also, any loan amortization calculator will be able to do the same job for you. You can get a loan amortization calculator from your bank.