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The purpose of a car iPod connector is to have a connector in the car. A car doesn't have an electrical outlet, making this a very handy product to buy when you need one in the car.

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2013-08-20 02:07:10
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Q: What is the purpose of a car iPod connector?
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Is there a device or equipment that can be used to play an iPod in your car while your driving?

There are several ways to connect your Ipod to a car audio system. The least expensive is an FM transmitter and they can be found on EBay or most electronics stores for a very reasonable price. Connect an Ipod or other music player and they transmit the signal on an FM signal that can be received by the car radio. They work well as long as you can find a frequency that does not have a broadcast on it. Next, many stereos in later cars have a connector to plug in an MP3 player. These car stereos can also be bought and installed into most cars. A car radio and CD player with this connector can be found for $50 or more. The most effective way to use an Ipod in a car is ti have a car stereo that has a full Ipod docking station. The display on the dashboard allows easy control. Some very new cars have Ipod docks already installed and a few more expensive add on car stereos have them. You will expect to be spending several hundred dollars for a stereo with an Ipod dock. Replacing a car stereo can be relatively straightforward if you have a little experience and the right tools. It can be difficult without the experience and without the tools. If you choose to replace the stereo in your car, you might want to consider having it fitted by an expert.

Where can one purchase an iPod Nano car charger?

Amazon has what you need. Depending on what type of generation of iPod Nano you have, you will want to check whether the car charger is compatible with your iPod.

What is the purpose of car sponsorships in NASCAR?

The purpose of car sponsorships in NASCAR is to gain more attraction and fans. In addition, the purpose of car sponsorships in NASCAR is to gain more support for race car sports.

What is a J-BUS connector?

It is a type of pass-through connector used on JVC car audio, it allows external components such as iPods and satellite receivers to be connected in series.

What is the purpose of a shock absorber in a car?

The purpose of a shock absorber in a car is to smooth out or damp shock impact, and dissipate kinetic energy. It is a mechanical device used in the car and it is a type of dashpot.

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Where can one purchase an iPod car connector?

iPod car connectors are used to charge an iPhone in a car. A few good places to purchase an iPod car connector would be at Best Buy, or online at Apple's official website.

Is there a connector cable from iPod Shuffle to iPod so you can use shuffle on iPod dock and car stereo?

Yes. It is known as a Firewire. They come when you rub them.

What kind of car accessories does iPod offer?

As cars become more technologically advanced, they become more equipped with ipod accessible features like the ipod connector that will allow you to listen to your ipod through your car speakers. You can also charge your ipod using your car's batteries.

Can you use the iPod camera connector with the iPad?

There is no such thing as an iPod camera connector. However, there is an iPad camera connector that only works with the iPad.

How can you connect your iPod to itunes?

with the ipod connector cord. it should have came with the ipod

Can you give me a 10-word sentence for the word archaic?

His car stereo was archaic, lacking an iPod docking connector.

What was the purpose of building the iPod?

what was the purpose of the ipod who invented the ipod when did they invented the ipod the purpose of building the ipod was for people to listen to the meaning of a song. and have fun.

How can you get and iPod jack in a car with out one?

You will need to install the iPod jack in the vehicle ,they are called iPod interface and made for you specific Oem or car radio, The iPod adapter allows you to listen control and charge your iPod using your factory car radio, this units can be installed to most oem radios from 1998 and up, they plug using the external CD changer connector or Satellite controls.

Can you use a ipod charger to charge an Iphone?

You can use an iPod charger to charge an iPhone. In fact, any 30 pin iPod/apple connector with a Male USB connector on the other end can be used to charge an iPhone if it can be connected to a power source such as a computer's USB port or a USB wall/car charger with a USB port.

Can you use the iPad camera connector with an iPod?

Yes, you can connect your camera to your iPad using the camera connector.

What kind of connector did the original iPod Nano use?

The iPod nano used a USB cable connector. As compared to today's models, the old USB charging cable for the original iPod nano looks completely different.

Where can I buy an iPod car adapter?

Apple - Learn about iPod accessories for home, car, and on the go the accessories you need to take your iPod on the road, to the party, ... Shop car accessories at the Apple Online Store ... Apple USB Power Adapter ... Cables & Docks - iPod Speakers - iPod Accessories - iPod Cases iPod Car Audio Accessories - iPod Car Adapters & iPod Car ... items " Shop iPod car audio accessories including iPod car chargers and power adapters. Listen and charge your iPod using these popular iPod car audio .

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