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Anti lock brakes are self controlling, pumping the pedal or older methods of reducing skid can reduce the ability of the abs to come to the quickest stop possible without lockup. Typically you apply the brake as needed and a correctly functioning ABS system will stop as quickly as possible without wheel lockup. Using other good driving judgment / skills are in order for hydroplane, spinning out, etc. Additionally some vehicle incorporate traction, body, suspension and ABS control - that monitor and adjust each system instantly to provide stability, traction, braking, handling, height and other features to provide quality ride, handling and control on various surfaces and conditions,

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Q: What is the proper way to use anitlock brakes in an emergency situation in florida?
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What is the proper way to use the anti-lock brakes in a emergency situation?

Stomp the brakes and steer around the obstruction without releasing the brakes.

Where are the emergency brakes in 1990 cadillac sedan deville?

Parking brake (also known as emergency brake) foot pedal expands the rear brake shoes against the brake drum holding or stopping the vehicle in an emergency situation not as effective as regular service brakes

What is the proper way to use anti-lock brakes in an emergency stopping situation?

Slam on the brakes and steer around the obstruction. Do not pump the brakes. The ABS will do this for you. Be prepared for noises and a shudder in the brake pedal which is normal.

How difficult is it to change emergency brakes to front wheels?

There are no emergency brakes on the front wheels of vehicles.

How do you install emergency brakes on a 91 camaro?

your rear brakes are your emergency brakes. if your handle is coming up to much you need new brakes most likely or sometimes just an adjustment.

Are spring brakes most effective as a parking or emergency break?

Spring brakes are intended to be used solely as parking brakes. If you're in a desperate situation, you can use them as an emergency brake, but if you're grossing out at 80k and going down Vale Pass, all you're going to accomplish is to burn up your brakes and possibly cause your truck to catch fire... best to just hit the runaway ramp at that point.

Is parking brakes and emergency brakes are considered spring brakes?

Only on air brake vehicles.

What is the proper way to use anti-lock brakes in a emergency situation?

Put your foot on the brake and keep it firmly there as long as you want to stop. ABS will do the rest.

If my brakes don't work can I use my emergency brake instead?

No. The emergency brake uses the same brakes. It'll be equally ineffective.

Ford e-350 cargo van emergency brakes?

The emergency brakes work by way of a cable system. If the brakes are not holding, the cable may be able to be adjusted, or the pads could be worn too far for the brakes to hold.

If you find your brakes failing what should you do?

use your emergency brake if in motion, if not in motion get new brakes!

What are some improvements to abs brakes?

emergency assist