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Wich belt is the fluid coming from under and what kind of vehicle is it?

The fluid may be Power Steering fluid. If the fluid leaked and got hot it would smoke. If the power steering pump seized your vehicle may not start because of the resistance to cranking caused by the belt and frozen pump. You may have noticed difficulty in turning the steering wheel or a grinding noise ( power steering gear box ) prior to this.

The fluid may be clean motor oil. It also smokes when hot. If so you may have a warped head or blown head gasket. This lack of compression could cause the vehicle not to start.

The fluid may be brake fluid. If so you have two problems; one leaking brake fluid and the other a starting problem that is not associated with the brakes. You would have noticed mushy braking in your brake pedal.

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Q: What is the problem when a car cuts off while driving is leaking clear liquid under the belt plus smoking from under the hood Car wont crank back up?
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What Orange liquid is leaking from the front right of your 86 buick regal?

Orange liquid leaking from any vehicle is usually a sign of a leaking cooling system. If the location is in the front then it is likely an issue with the radiator.

Rubber boot under power steering pump on a 2005 dodge caravan?

pink liquid is leaking under the van. I think, it is steering pump problem

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What do you do if your 1996 ford aerostar power steering pump is leaking and smoking?

Firstly, it is smoking because it's leaking - the outside of the pump is hot, so, any liquid coming into contact with it is going to burn off. Secondly, what you do is get the pump repaired or replaced. If you don't, you will be causing extra wear and tear on the steering system, and it will take lots of extra effort to even turn the steering wheel. The pump could be leaking for a couple reasons: - loose fittings (connection of the oil lines) - cracked housing (replacement is the only option)

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This is coolant. You have a leak in your cooling system or you water pump has failed and is leaking.

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Red liquid is usually transmission fluid. transmission fluid

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A/C condensate?

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