What is the price for a used scion car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This question is very vague since it doesn't say which year, make, model, and car condition. Scion has five models (FR-S, iQ, tC, xB, xD). The iQ will be the cheapest since it's the smallest car while the FR-S will be the most expensive since it's a sports car.

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Q: What is the price for a used scion car?
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What is the price of the Scoin car in 2013?

A Scion car is a very well known and popular vehicle in 2013. The average price of this Scion car varies a bit depending on the model, however the price is around $20,000 USD.

Where could one find a used Scion?

A used Scion could be found at a used car dealer. This type of car could also be found for sale in a newspaper or on a website. There are a large number of Scion cars for sale.

What are the starting stock prices of a Scion XA?

A Scion XA is a fairly cheap car. It is one that must be bought used, as it is no longer produced. The average starting price for a base model ranges from $7952 to $8018.

What is the average price of used scion cars?

Prices for Scion hybrids vary by seller , year , and condition a Scion in good used condition could cost five-thousand dollars , compared to a Scion with severe front end damage for about two-thousand dollars.

What is the average mileage on used Scion cars?

Average mileage on used scion car is 25000. They are good cars which are made by Toyota which actually owns this company and brand. Buy a scion for style and engine.

A car that starts with a s?

Sentra. Scion. Spectra.You should have used "an," not "a."

Is a scion car a safe car?


Can you recommend a website where I can put my car at an auction for free?

You can try car liquidation, my brother put his Scion for sale and they took nothing for that, he got a very good price for the car, so good luck!

Is a Scion car a sport car or not?

Depends on what kind.

When was the car company Scion invented?

Scion is a Toyota brand. Toyota was founded in 1937, and the Scion brand was launched in 2002.

What is the most fuel efficient used car?

The most fuel efficient used car is the 2004 to 2006 Toyota Scion. It gets 30 miles per gallon combined.

What does your car look like?

Black scion